WOD 23/10/2017

STRENGTH: 1RM FRONT Squat Prep for 10min then 2×10/2×5/2×2 …. then find your MAX WOD: Read more

WOD 20/10/2017

STRENGTH: for time 100x DBL KB Clean/Jerk (24/16) 10min PREP with KB WOD: 10min EMOM Read more

Bodyweight 19/10/2017 “Special Day”

With a total time of 50mins you have to complete the following: “ANNIE”- 50-40-30-20-10 DUs Read more

WOD 19/10/2017

SKILL: Power Snatch 10min PREP BEG: 10min EMOM of 3x Power Snatch (TnGO) ADV: 10min Read more

WOD 18/10/2017

STRENGTH: 1 RM “JERK” 15min of PREP then build up to your 1RM WOD: for Read more

BODYWEIGHT 17/10/2017

Prep for WOD: 10min WOD: HERO “Emily” for time (45min) 10rds of 30x DUs 15x Read more

WOD 17/10/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: “Snatch” 10min of Prep all Levels then work on 10min OTM 1x Full Read more

WOD 16/10/2017

SKILL/STRENGTH: find your 1RM SQUAT Clean 10min of Solid Prep then the build up to Read more

WOD 13/10/2017

SKILL/STRENGTH: Sumo Deadlift Prep for 10min then find your 1RM build up Format 3×10 4×5 Read more

Bodyweight 12/10/2017

SKILL: Handstand Work 10min of PREP then BEG: HS Hold/ Walk from Box for 10min Read more

WOD 12/10/2017

SKILL: 20min of OPEN GYM (work on your weakness) WOD: for time “DIANE” 21-15-9 HSPU Read more

WOD 11/10/2017

STRENGTH: 1RM Push Press (work from RACK) 10min of PREP build up Format always – Read more

BODYWEIGHT 10/10/2017

MOB/ STRETCH: Squat/ Groin/ Shoulders SKILL/ TECH:for 10min PREP SQUAT/ PUSH UP/ PULL UP WOD: Read more

WOD 10/10/2017

MOB/ STRETCH: Shoulder/ Upper Back/ Traps SKILL/ STRENGTH: PULL UP (strict) 10min of PREP/ Technique Read more

WOD 9/10/2017

STRENGTH: 1 RM Back Squat 10min Prep then 20min to find your MAX Build Up Read more

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