WOD 22/12/2017

A. Strength in 10 min work up to your heavy 5 RM Deadlift in 5 Read more

BODYWEIGHT 21/12/2017

Warmup: 3rds of 500m 100x DUs 30x Burpees SKILL/ STRENGTH: 20min OT2min 3x strict Muscle Read more

WOD 21/12/2017

A. Strength SKILL/ STRENGTH: 14min OT2min 3x strict Muscle Ups/ 6x HS Should Tabs/ 9x Read more

SWEATSHOP 20/12/2017

In teams of two, with only one teammate working at any time, complete for max Read more

WOD 20/12/2017

A. Strength (total work time 21min) in 6 minutes work up to your 3 RM Read more

WOD 19/12/2017

A. Prep for WOD proper warmup of knees further going into pullup mechanics B. Conditioning Read more

BODYWEIGHT 19/12/2017

0. Warmup 14min OTM ODD: 5x Burpee 10x Push Ups EVEN: 10x Wallballs 10x Air Read more

SWEATSHOP 18/12/2017

A. for 15 minutes 1st min: 1 Burpee + to 1 st Pullup 2nd min: Read more

WOD 18/12/2017

0. Warmup (for max 10min) A. Strength (for max 20 min) Four sets of: Bulgarian Read more


A.Strength 4 sets of: Dumbbell Press x 6-8 reps Single Leg Hip Bridge x 6-8 Read more

SWEATSHOP 13/12/2017

A. Warmup 100x Mt Climbers 100x Air Squats 100x Atomic Sit Ups B. Conditioning 3rds Read more

WOD 15/12/2017

A. STRENGTH: weighted Good Mornings prep for 10min then 6×8 (same weight) inbet. 6x Bent Read more

BODYWEIGHT 14/12/2017

A. Skill 10x 200 m row sprints with 1:30 break after each round B. Conditioning Read more

WOD 14/12/2017

A. STRENGTH: 1min AMRAP of Sandbag/ D Ball Squats 1min AMRAP until Failure/ :30sec Rest Read more

WOD 13/12/2017

A. Strength FLOOR Press: 6×5(work up) then 3×3 (same Heavy weight) inbet. Bent over DB Read more

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