WOD 23/6/2017

10min of 6x 10x Banded Pull Aparts 6x10x seated Banded Up Right Rows STRENGTH: Single Read more

WOD 22/6/2017

10min of weighted strict Pull Ups 6×4 (build up) SKILL/Strength: 10rds of 30 sec each Read more

BODYWEIGHT 22/6/2017

Cage Crawl 5min AMRAP WOD1) 10x HSPU 20x Jumps Squats 30x HR Push Ups 40x Read more

WOD 21/6/2017

10min of Up right rows 4×5 (same/ light weight) STRENGTH: Floor Presses (close grip) 8×5 Read more

BODYWEIGHT 20/6/2017

WOD1) 1800m RUN then 10rds of CINDY SKILL: 10min EMOM of 6x HSPU (work on Read more

WOD 20/6/2017

10min of 3×14 Hanging Hip Touches (from Rings) work on Weakness Session: 20min WOD: 5rds Read more

WOD 19/6/2017

10min of 3×8-10 strict RING Ching Ups STRENGTH: Front Squat work up to a HEAVY Read more

WOD 16/6/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 6sets of 5x Deadlifts @ 80% 5/5x DB Row (go Heavy) WOD: for Read more

WOD 14/6/2017

STRENGTH: PUSH Jerk ADV: work up to a HEAVY SET of 2 reps inbetween SETs Read more

BODYWEIGHT 13/6/2017

WOD: 3x Tabats of 1)3-5 Burpees/ 8-10 Squats 2)5-7 Push Ups/ 8 Jump Squats 3)Back Read more


Tabat: Hold single arm SKILL/ Strength: OTM: 16min odd: 1min of Front Rack HOLD (2xBW) Read more

WOD 12/6/2017

6sets of 5 strict Pull Ups 5 strict Chin Ups STRENGTH: Back Squat 15min to Read more

WOD 9/6/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift work up to a Heavy Set of 5 with in 15min WOD: for Read more


WOD: 10min EMOM 4x Burpee 8x Push Ups 12x Squats SKILL/ STRENGTH: 6rds of single Read more

WOD 8/6/2017

6rds of max single arm Hang Beg: work on strict Pull Ups ADV: work from Read more

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