WOD 25/8/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2 (work up in weight) 5×2 (same HEAVY weight) inbetween – :30sec of Read more

BODYWEIGHT 24/8/2017

WOD1) 5rds for time of 1x STAIRs 9x Burpees 15x Squats 21x Atomic Sit Ups Read more

WOD 24/8/2017

OLY: Power Snatch work up to about 75% of 1RM then 4×3 ([email protected] weight) WOD: Read more

WOD 23/8/2017

STRENGTH: SPLIT Jerk ADV: work from Rack and up to a SOLID Jerk BEG: work Read more

BODYWEIGHT 22/8/2017

CONDI:5rds of MAX Cal Row 1min AMRAP ROW 2x Stairs STRENGTH: 10min OTM 5xstrict HSPU Read more

WOD 22/8/2017

COMPLEX: 2x Power Clean (TnGO) 1x Squat Clean 1x SH2OH work up to a Solid Read more

WOD 21/8/2017

STRENGTH: Bulgarian Split Squats 6×6/6 (build up to a Heavy Set) inbetween Sets – 20x Read more

WOD 18/8/2017

STRENGTH: weighted “Good Mornings” (seated) 6×8 (same light weight) inbetween Sets perform 20x Front Squats Read more

BODYWEIGHT 17/8/2017

CONDI: 1200m RUN (2xBIG Rds) 400x Singles 800m RUN (1x Big Rd/ 1x sm rd) Read more

WOD 17/8/2017

SKILL: Squat Snatch ADV: work up to a solid Squat Snatch BEG: work on Technique Read more

WOD 16/8/2017

STRENGTH:Push Press find your 1 RM WOD: 15min AMRAP 1x Deadlifts(@1 1/2 BW) 50x KB Read more

WOD 14/7/2017

STRENGTH: Squat Clean find your 1RM WOD: for time 3rds of 4x Muscle Ups 6x Read more

WOD 11/8/2017

STRENGTH: Straight Leg Deadlifts 8×4 (work up in weight) WOD: 3rds of 5x Power Cluster Read more

BODYWEIGHT 10/8/2017

WOD1) for time 10x Wallclimbs 20x High Box Jumps 30x Pull Ups 40x DUs 50x Read more

WOD 10/8/2017

COMPLEX: HANG Power Clean 3x Deadlifts 2x Hang Power Cleans 1x Front Squat 1x Jerk Read more

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