„A. Prep for WOD

2 sets each of:
(30 seconds work followed by 15 seconds rest = 1 set)
– Single-Arm Plank
– Alternating Lateral Lunges
– Side Plank
– Air Squats
– Hollow Hold or Rock
– Plank Shoulder Taps
– V-Ups
– Bear Crawl
– Frog Jumps
– Wall Climbs

b, Prep for movements

B. Conditioning

AMRAP 30 with a partner:
Buy in: 400 Meter Partner Odd Object Carry (split as needed)
*Any heavy odd object can be used here (a heavy sandbag OR slamball is a good choice)
With remaining time AMRAP:
400 Meter Row
30 Wallballs
20 T2B
10 Burpees
*One person works. Split as desired.

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