A. Skill

work up to a 2 rm TGUP in 6 min


KB Complex for 6 min increasing weight every round
5 oa swings left
5 oa cleans left
5 oa push press
5 snatch
5 oa thruster left
— — — — — — — —
5 oa swings right
5 oa cleans right
5 oa push right
5 snatch right
5 oa thruster

B. Conditioning

In teams of 4, complete 5 sets for max reps/calories of: (25 min total)
60 seconds of Assault Bike or Bike Erg (for calories)
60 seconds of Burpees to Target 10cm Above Standing Reach
60 seconds of Kettlebell Snatches
60 seconds of Dumbbell Renegade Rows
(1 rep = push-up, row left, push-up, row right)
Rest 60 seconds

Teams get one erg, one box, one barbell, and one set of dumbbells. Team members rotate through the four work stations at 60 second intervals and all members rest at the same time. Post total score (calories rowed and reps completed).

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