A. Prep for WOD

run for 2 rounds with a medball squeezed between forearms

then prep a KB & Abmat

1-Arm Russian KB Swing – R
1-Arm Russian KB Swing – L 
KB Push Press – R 
KB Push Press – L 
Single Arm KB Row – R 
Single Arm KB Row – L 
Lateral Burpee over the KB 
KB Clean & Frontsquat R
KB Clean & Frontsquat L
Goblet Reverse Lunge – R 
Goblet Reverse Lunge – L 
KB Weighted Situp

B. Conditioning (00:20-00:60)

For time with a partner:
DB Hang Squat Cleans (20kg, 15kg)
Double Unders
Calories Bike/Row/Ski

C. Core finisher by Coach

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