A. Prep for WOD (00.15-00:30)

B. Conditioning (00:30-00:55)

In teams of four, complete as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes of:
20 Burpees
20 Wall Ball Shots
20 Anchored Sit-Ups
Rest Station DBs Hold Overhead

Please read:
Teams must rotate stations as a team, with only one team member working at each station. You cannot begin working on your next task until all team members have completed their station tasks and are ready to move one. Thus, you must work as a team, communicate effectively and motivate your teammates to keep moving throughout the 24 minutes. The teammate at the rest station must hold two dumbbells fully extended overhead. If the dumbbells are dropped from overhead, all partners must run a 200 Meter Lap together.

C. Acessory

Banded Triceps Complex:
50 Pushdowns
50 Supinated Grip Pushdowns
50 Banded OH Triceps
*Goal to do all 150 reps with minimal rest

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