Gymnastics & Mobility 25/02/2020

0. Warmup
Bearcrawl Partnergame

A. Mobility

Hipmobilty external/internal rotations
Hipmobility 90/90 raises with tb handslock
Reflex TB Game

B. Strength.

1) 3 x 5-4-3 (10s). No rest. – Wide Grip Pullup + Wide Grip Chin-up + Close Grip Chin-up – Add weight if needed, one set will equal 5 reps with a wide overhand grip, 4 reps with an underhand grip (just outside shoulder width) and 3 reps with an underhand grip (at shoulder width). Resting 10 seconds between each grip width – Bodyweight – Partner Assisted

2) Ring Hip Raises singleleg


Partner Hanstand Arch to Hollow

C. Conditioning

EMOM for 12 min
1: 10 Ringdips
2: 10 Skin the Cat on the Bar
3: 30 sec Handstandhold /or 2 Wallclimbs to WallHold in Hollow Body Position

D. Finish
Pancake Mobility

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