FUNDAY 09/06/2019

A. Prep for WOD

B. Conditioning

in teams of 2 AMRAP until 00:55

Buy-In: 3 rounds run together

with 3 Burpees EMOM and if possible with weightwest

A: every set of 30 reps change with B
30 DB Curls (45lbs/25)
30 DB weighted Sit-Ups
30 DB Floor Presses (45/25 lb)
30 DB Walking Lunges
30 DB Deadlifts (45/25 lb)
30 DB Push-Ups
30 DB Front Squats (45lbs/25)
30 Double-Unders

B: strict Cindy as long as A completes a set of 30 reps

5 strict Pullups
10 hr Pushups
15 Airsquats

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