Crossfit 90 – 25/05/2019

Odds Objects Saturday
Odd object training works on several levels, building functional strength and improving neurological connections, ultimately making you stronger and more efficient.

Warmup: for 10 min:
1x Stiegenhaus Run
16 WB Shots
16 Medball OH Lunges
16 Medball Jumps Squats
16 Back Extensions

5 Stations, 10 min per station, 2:30 rest between each station:

I) Sandbag Presses (15-20 reps) & Rope Pulls (2 lengths)
Sandbag Press Find a weight you can do 15-20 reps with and focus on your breathing, not the reps. Work within your range of motion. So don’t worry about pressing the bag fully overhead and locking it out.
Rope Pull If you can, try these seated and legless. Increase the awareness and make your upper body cramp!  

II) Farmer’s Carry Handle Deadlifts & Farmer’s Carry
10-8-6-4-2 FC DL + 30m carry with a turn at 15m. 
Farmer’s Carry Deadlift + Carry: driving the floor away as hard as possible through the big toes and ball of the foot (activating the medial hammies, glutes).

III) Sandbag Overhead Step-Ups (10 per leg) + Sandbag Front Squats (max effort):
Sandbag Overhead Step-Up: Set up a box at about knee height. Plant your full foot on the box. Pull yourself up and don’t let the trailing leg touch the box until after you’ve extended the leg you stepped up with. Sandbag Front Squats: Choose a weight you can do 15-20 reps with. Inhale down, exhale up.

IV) Wide Grip Strict Supinated Pull-Ups & (Weighted) Dips
8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 –> Rest :30 between rounds
Pullups: The point here is to find a width at which you cannot default to your traps and have to engage your latissimus dorsi to the max.  Once you can go over 6 reps, start adding weight. If you cannot make your chest touch the bar, it’s ok. Do not use momentum. DO NOT SHRUG.
Dips:  Use bars not rings.  Use weight around your waist and put the weight behind you, not in front. This will target the triceps even more.

V) Reverse Sled Drags (max effort) & Sled Sprints (max effort):
Reverse Sled Drag: Go hard! Use a weight on the sled that allows you to keep moving for roughly a minute and try to hang on and push that intensity. Push yourself hard here! 
Sled Sprint until you feel your soul leave your body! 

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