Crossfit 90 – 06/04/2019

Strength: 3 unbroken rounds AHAP left:

12 one arm kettlebell swing
12 one arm kettlebell front squat
12 one arm kettlebell push press

followed by: everything on the right

For every time KB touches ground: 5 Wallclimbs (afterwards)

Conditioning „Catch me if you Can“
3 Rounds:
30/20 Calorie Row
30/20 Calorie Assault Bike (old AB: add 5 cal)
Line Sprints

Rest between rounds.

Odd Object Work:
In teams of 2/4 – half of team is working, others have rest:
Each for Max Distance, split as you like:

8 Minutes of Farmer Carry (AHAP)
8 Minutes of Sled Push
8 Minutes of DBall Carry against stomach OR Heavy Sandbag (AHAP)
8 Minutes of Sled Pull

1:30 Rest Between rounds

Notes: working around 100% effort as rest will allow for some recovery, but remember that 100% with this type of work is very different than 100% with thrusters/burpees.

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