CROSSFIT 29/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15-00:35)
Build to a 3RM wide stance box squat over the course of 6-7 sets. Make sure you stay tight, stick back on the box and have spotters in place.

1) Wide Stance Box Squat: 3RM. Rest 2:00
– Use a parallel Box – 15″
2) Metcon Prep – Barbell Complex Warm-up

B. Conditioning
Long barbell complex today. You have 8 reps of seven different movements all done unbroken. You can rest in the front or back rack but try to limit your time resting in the middle of a round.

Barbell Complex of:
4 Rounds:
8 Deadlifts (42,5/ 30)
8 Power Cleans
8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges each leg
8 Push Press
8 Back Squats
8 Goodmornings
8 Bent-over Barbell Rows
Rest 2:00

C. Accessory

Standing Banded Ab Pulldowns: 100 Reps. Rest as needed.

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