CROSSFIT 26/02/2020

0. Warmup

A. Strength (20:00 – 40:00)
Gymnastics Skill Work: Spend 10 minutes on ONE gymnastics skill. This should be purely skill-based and NOT a hard training session.
– This should be the same skill as last week to ensure we are making progress.

B) CONDITIONING (00:25 – 00:55)

For time:
2k Row / 70 cal bike /ski
25 Power Snatches (35, 25)
1k Row /35 cal bike/ski
25 Power Snatches
500m Row / 20cal bike /ski
25 Power Snatches
– Goal: Big sets of snatches – 15+ reps without stopping. Consistent slower efforts on the rower.

L-Sit Hold: 4 Intervals of 10s – 20s on/40s off.

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