CROSSFIT 21/03/2019

A. Strength (00:15-00:35)

Front Box Squat: 8 x 3 @60-65% of 1RM Front Squat
work in EMOM style
– Parallel Box (15-16”)
– 3-4 ramp-up sets prior to starting the clock. This done as an EMOM.
– Slightly wider stance than normal.
– If no recent 1RM, go by feel and make sure athletes are fast off the box.

B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55)

5 Minutes of:
Russian Swings (32+, 24)
5 Minutes of:
TGU (athlete choice of weight)
5 Minutes of:
Sled Push x 30meter. intervals (moderate weight) (or max calories Row, Bike or Ski Erg)
5 Minutes of:
Single Arm Farmer Carry (32, 24KB) (Alt. sides evenly)

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