CROSSFIT 18/12/2018

before starting with strength session try to find out which is your weaker / stronger leg in a press setting, the aim in this week should be identify the weak side, and destroy weakness

A. Strength

3 sets of 4x 90 sec work (in total 18 min work)

1st90sec: weak shoulder for pressing 8-12 half kneeling philly press
2nd90sec: strong shoulder 6-10 half kneeling philly press(perform less -2 reps on your stronger side)
3rd90sec: 6-10 strict Leg Raise Eccentric Accentuated
4th90sec : for 30/30 sec wallsit with kb in frontrack

B. Conditioning

10 min AMRAP
20 KB push press (24/16)
20 KB front rack lungees (24/16)
40 double unders

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