CROSSFIT 17/05/2019

A. Conditioning (00:15-00:40)

For time:
Hang Power Cleans (60, 42,5)
Strict Chin-ups
*200 Meter Run after each set (1 round in the Hof)

Note: today’s metcon is meant to challenge your grip, barbell and pull-up cycling ability – the 200-meter run between rounds is meant to provide built-in recovery – to clear lactate during the running sets.

B. Strength (yes, strength after the conditioning part) (00:40-00:55)

1a) Inverted Rows, Supinated Grip: 3 x 12 (use squatracks with a barbell)
1b) Slight Decline DB Neutral Grip Bench Press: 3 x 12. Rest 30s.
– Elevate a Bench on 20kg plate
– Done with palms facing in (neutral) grip

C. Accessory
Banded Facepull-aparts: 5 Minutes of Max Reps. Rest as little as possible.
*Every time you stop complete 10 second hollow hold

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