CROSSFIT 17/04/2019

A. Prep for WOD (00:10 – 00:20)
OH mobility and core acctivation drills

B. Skill & Strength (00:15-00:60)
Part A. Olympic Lifts

Today’s strength is working on progressing the snatch and maintaining form, barbell position, and hip extension between movements (high hang, Hang, and Hang below knee)
maintain proper form and consistency for all 3 snatches

Part B. Gymnastics
work on two gymnastics movements that need work, one of which is a static hold. work should be completely manageable for all rounds and allow to reinforce good movement patterns

Part A. (00:15 – 00:30)
EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 3 Position Power Snatch Practice
– high hang + hang + hang below knee x 1 rep each.
EVEN Minutes: 15 Banded Pulldowns

Part B (00:30 – 00:45)
EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: Gymnastic Movement (e.g. Strict Mu Progression / for 30 sec , OR deficit strict HSPU, OR HS Walk)
EVEN Minutes: Static Hold (e.g. L-sit , Lsit Passtroughs) OR Hollowhold, etc for 30 sec)

Part C (00:50- 00:60)
ODD Minutes: 20 Glute Bridges (Double Leg)
EVEN Minutes: 20 Alt. DB Curls (total)

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