CROSSFIT 16/05/2019

A. Strength (00:15 – 00:50)

1) Wide Stance Box Squats: 3 warmup sets
8 x 3 @60 -70% of Back Squat 1RM
– 15” Parallel Box

Note: This the final week of Wide Stance Box Squats. The purpose with these is to develop the posterior chain, develop force out of the hole and ingrain good movement patterns.

B. Conditioning (0:35-00:55)

Every 4:00 x 5 Sets:
5 High Box Jumps (30, 24)
10 Back Rack Reverse Lunges (80, 55)
30 meter Heavy Farmer Carry (AHAP – e.g. use handles)

Note: Today’s metcon is a mix of explosive work, unilateral, and core work. Plyometrics is the best tool we have to develop explosive strength and train fast twitch muscle fibers. For the back rack lunges these should be a heavyweight but capable of being done unbroken & out of rack. – These should be done out of a rack (people can partner up if needed.)

C. Accessory

Psoas Stretching + Toracic Mobility

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