CROSSFIT 15/05/2019

A. Prep for Conditioning (00:15 – 00:35)

Note: Today we are performing 3 – 10 minute EMOMs all with different objectives – The first EMOM is geared at locking in a good handstand position as well as upper-back development (loading should be light for these iso dynamic rows), EMOM #2 is geared at fast sets – training the aerobic ability of fast twitch fibers (all sets of burpees should be completed with at least 10 seconds to spare) and EMOM #3 is geared at direct glute work and refining the push-up.

EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 20 Iso Dynamic Double KB Rows (total reps)
EVEN Minutes: 30sec Handstand Hold

B. Conditioning (00:35-00:45)

EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 20 Air Squats
EVEN Minutes: 15 Burpees

C. Conditioning 2 (00:45-00:55)

EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 10 X-Band Walks Left + Right
EVEN Minutes: 10 weighted Push-ups

C. Accessory
Single Leg Glute Bridge: 3 x 15 ea. No rest – perform all work on left leg then right leg alternating until all sets are complete.

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