CROSSFIT 14/08/2019

A. Prep for WOD (00:05- 00:20)

10 Minutes of:
50m Sled push


5 Bent-over row
5 Push Press
20meter OH carry

B. Conditioning (0:20-00:50)
Note: Today we have a good mix that is going to train your grip, midline, and posterior chain with a bit of an emphasis on overhead strength and stability.
No need to be a PR attempt on their 2K time – more of a smooth and consistent pace for the duration (focus on rowing technique.)

30 Minutes on the Clock:
Row 2k
Remaining time Max Rounds:
30 meter Front Rack Carry (24, 16)
30 meter Single OH Carry (24, 16)
30 meter Bear Crawls (/ or HS Walk)
30 meter Heavy Sled push
Rest as needed.

C. Accessory

Core Tabata

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