CROSSFIT 12/04/2019

A. Strength

weigthed close grip Chinup
building to a 3 RM in around 6 sets

note: grip inside shoulder width and supinated which taxes the biceps to a high degree. Scaling today will be 5 sets of 5 partner assisted close grip chin-ups.

B. Conditioning

DB Hang Power Cleans (22,5, 35)
Push-ups on Dumbbells

DB Floor Press (22,5, 35) (Neutral Grip)
*50 Banded pull-aparts after each set (pronated grip)

C. Acessory

Stretch Hips, Hammies etc / Perfect Stretch

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  • Lukas

    11. April 2019 @ 18:27

    Yeah BB!
    Gib mir mehr von dem was du Chinup nennst!

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