CROSSFIT 11/07/2019

0. Prep for Strength

prep posterior chain

A. Strength (00:20- 00:60)

1) Sumo Deadlift against a band: 3 warmup sets
8 x 3 @60%, every 60s.
– reset on each rep
– Based off of 1RM Sumo Deadlift (no band)
2) Kneeling Jump + Box Jump: 1/6 x 3 (1 rep of each = 1 rep). Rest 60s.
– L2/L1: Seated Dynamic Vertical Jumps: 6 x 3. Rest 60s.

B. Conditioning
Today’s Metcon is more of an accessory piece for the abs/lower body with the added incentive to hold onto the kb to avoid doing burpees.

„Abs of steel“ – For time:
Buy in:
50 T2B
50 Front Rack Walking Double KB Lunges (32, 24) (heavy!)
*Every time you drop the KB complete 10 Burpees
12:00 Cap

C. Accessory
for 5 min Light row, jog, or bike.

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