CROSSFIT 10/05/2019

A. Strength

Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups: 3/4 x 5-6. Rest 90s.
– Perform all sets with one weight or Bodyweight.

B. Conditioning

With 12 Minutes on the clock:
Row 1000m

With the remaining time AMRAP:
20 SUPINATED Barbell Rows (42,5, 30)
10 Push Press (42,5, 30)

Note: we are shooting for maximal repetitions with push press/rows. E.g. complete a total of 100 rows and 50 push presses. For that to happen go light with your barbell choice and aim to complete as many rounds as possible.
Your 1k should be HARD pace, roughly 80% and about 20-30 seconds off your best 1K row time.

C. Acessory
Barbell Curls: 3 x 10
Rest 60s

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