CROSSFIT 08/08/2019

A. Strength (00:20- 00:60)

1) Wide Stance Box Squat: 3/5 x 5 @70% of last Monday’s 3RM or 55% of 1RM Back Squat, every 90s.

2) KB Squat Jumps: 1/4 x 5. Rest 60s.
– max height on each rep

B. Conditioning
Once you pick the barbell up you should be able to complete each set of lunges without dropping the bar. This is as much of an anterior core movement as it is a lower body one. Remind yourself to drive your elbows forward instead of just up to create a good front rack as well as keeping your abs „on“ and ribs down.

For time:
Front Rack Reverse Lunges (52,5, 35) (total reps)
Burpees over the Bar

C. Accessory
1-Arm DB Rows: 4 x 10 each arm

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