CROSSFIT 07/01/2019

Focuspoint for the following weeks: 

Full shoulder scapular retraction. Your  aim should be to be able to do a fully retracted strict chest to bar pullup by the end of January. If you are not capable of doing them from a Bar work with gymnastic rings.  Furthermore we focus on one legged squat exercises with increasing weight and various rep schemes.

0. Warmup
Accumulate 3 min in Squat position
warmup with banded pull aparts for scap retraction

A. Strength (20 min)

3 sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squats x 12 reps each leg
pullup grip hold for alap with chest at the bar ( with full scap retraction)
3 Wallclimbs + 30 second HS wall to freehandstand“

B0. Skill development
for 8 min
work on your strict HSPU / e.g. negative strict HSPU

B. Conditioning

16 min AMRAP
12 russian kettlebell swings 32/24
8 dumbbell box step ups 22,5/15 (20″ box)
4 strict handstand push ups

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