CROSSFIT 06/06/2019

A. Strength (00:15 – 00:35)

1) Front Box Squat: 3warmup sets
8 x 2 @75-85% of Front Squat, every 60s
– Wider than normal Squat Stance
2) Broad Jump: 4 Attempts at Max Distance.

3) Warm-up Light Power Cleans & Bar Facing Burpees

B. Conditioning (0:35-00:55)

For time:
100 Double KB Front Rack Walking Lunges (24/16) (you may use DBs if there are no KBs left)
with every time you put the KBs down perform 3 Pushups and 5/5 KB Renegade rows

C. Accessory

Medball Hanging Hypers: 30reps

GHD Back Raises: 30 reps @BW

Banded Goodmornings: 30 reps

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