CROSSFIT 06/02/2019

A. Prep for WOD (10 min)

Double Tabata (8 x 20s work/10s rest) (use tabata as breating work)
1a) KB March (alternate sides) (Kb in FR, knees ahap, hips tucked in)
1b) Russian KBS (go heavy)

B. Conditioning (35 min)

EMOM 30:
Minute 1: 40sec of Assault Bike max cals (90% of your anaerobic threshold aka. get as close to death as possible)
Minute 2: 40sec of american KBS (24, 16) / adv: KB Snatches
Minute 3: 30 meter Heavy Farmer Carry
Minute 4: 40sec of SDHP (25, 15)
Minute 5: 40sec of Walking Lunges (80 % of BW frontrack clean from ground)
Minute 6: Rest

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