CROSSFIT 02/01/2020

0. Warmup
for 6 min bike/ski/row/jumprope 1 min
EMOM 2 Burpees to Hollow Rock to Candlestick

A. Skill (00:10-00:30)
Gymnastic Movment
work on handstand
EMOM style
0: core variation (hollow rock, hanging leg raises)
1: handstand variation (bear crawl, jump to wall)

partner HS 3 different variations

Skill (00:30-00:50)
Olmpic Lifting

3-Position Pausing Power Snatch (Technique)
5 Complexes, building to a moderate:
1 Rep from the High Hang (pockets)
1 Rep from the Hang (2cm above knee)
1 Rep from the Floor

B. Hyperthrophy
AMRAP 12 of (not for score)
10 DB Bench Press
10 Barbell Rows
10 banded pushdowns
10 DB Hammer Curls
*Goal – get a good pump – weights should be light enough to do ALL movements UB.

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