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CROSSFIT 31/07/2019

A. Prep for WOD (00:05- 00:20) 2 Rounds of: –Partner 1 20 Glut Med Pushouts (10L/10R) 20 Banded Pull-aparts 10 Reverse Lunges –Partner 2 **Coach Lead** 5 High Hang power snatch 5 Low hang power snatch 5 Power snatch from mid shin **Partners switch places** B. Conditioning (0:25-00:45) AMRAP 20 w. a partner: 400 Meter […]


A. Strength (00:15-00:40) 3 sets of:Station 1 – Dumbbell Bench Press x 10-12 reps Station 2 – Supine Ring Rows x 10-12 reps Station 3 – Side Plank x 45 seconds each side B.4 rounds for time of:400 Meter Run10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press* (left side)10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press* (right side)15 Stationary Dips C. […]

CROSSFIT 30/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15-00:35) 1) Speed Bench Press: 9 x 3 @65% of 1RM Bench Press, every 60s.3 Sets Close Grip3 Sets Medium Grip3 Sets 1″ Wider than medium grip 2) Warm-up Strict Pull-ups B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55) 3 RFT:15 Strict Pull-ups15 Burpee Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20)15/12 Calorie Row C. Acessory Max Rounds in […]


A. Strength Station 1 – Barbell Glute Bridges x 10 reps (go heavy on these!) Station 2 – Strict Pull-Ups x 8-10 repsStation 3 – 100-Meter Suitcase Carry (Left Arm) Station 4 – 100-Meter Suitcase Carry (Right Arm) B. Conditioning For time: 50/35 Calories of Assault Bike (or 60/40 on Concept 2 Rower) 50 Kettlebell […]

CROSSFIT 29/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15-00:35)Build to a 3RM wide stance box squat over the course of 6-7 sets. Make sure you stay tight, stick back on the box and have spotters in place. 1) Wide Stance Box Squat: 3RM. Rest 2:00– Use a parallel Box – 15″2) Metcon Prep – Barbell Complex Warm-up B. ConditioningLong barbell complex […]

FUNDAY 28/07/2019

For Time:50 (weighted) strict Pullups with EMOM Odd: 3 Slamball over ShoulderEMOM Even: 8 heavy SB Squats or GBS then 2 Giant Sets: DB Floor Press to failure (45/25s or more) immediately into; 100 Double Unders immediately into; 40sec. of Max DB Bent Over Rows (right arm) 20sec. Rest 40sec. of Max DB Bent Over […]


A. Prep for WOD B. Conditioning AMRAP 3:0021/15 Calorie Row/ski/bike21 Lateral Burpees over BarMax Thruster (25/15) Rest 3:00 AMRAP 3:0018/13 Calorie Row/ski/bike18 Lateral Burpees over BarMax Thruster (35/25) Rest 3:00 „Hot Sauce“ Part #3AMRAP 3:0015/11 Calorie Row15 Lateral Burpees over BarMax Thruster (45/30) Rest 3:00 AMRAP 3:0012/9 Calorie Row12 Lateral Burpees over BarMax Thruster (55/35)


A. StrengthPrep for WOD with Pullup Progression & pushup Progression B. ConditioningEvery 5 minutes, for 30 minutes (6 sets) for times: 10 Strict Pull-Ups 15 Toes to Bar 20 Push-Ups 25 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs to 10′) note every round C. Accessory 5 Minutes of Parasympathetic Breathing

CROSSFIT 26/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15 – 00:35) Today we’ll perform a protocol that is going to BLOW up your biceps – don’t let this one fool you. It would be best to overscale this as the volume will add up fast and we are working the same muscle groups for all three movements. Similar format to last […]


A. Prep for WODprep for Pullups Tabata Inverted Row Holds / Pulluup / Chinup Holds B. Conditioning In teams of 3, complete ÀRMRAP 15 minutes of:6 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches6 Burpees Rest 4 minutes, and then: In teams of 3, complete AMRAP 15 minutes of:10 Dumbbell Push Presses15 Kettlebell Swings For both the A and B […]

CROSSFIT 25/07/2019

0. Prep for Strength A. Strength (00:20- 00:60) 1) Sumo Deadlift against a band: 3/6 x 3 @70%, every 60s.– reset on each rep– Based off of 1RM Sumo Deadlift (no band)2) Seated Dynamic Box Jumps: 8 x 3, every 60s. B. Conditioning „Karen“For time:150 Wallballs (20, 14) C. Accessory Doulbe Leg Banded Hamstrings Curls: […]


A. Strength 3 sets of: Back Squat x 6-8 reps (slow decent, explosive get up) Single-Leg Glute Bridge x 10-12 reps each leg w/a KB Hollow Body Roll to Superman x 6 rolls each way B. Conditioning For time: 1200 Meter Run (12rounds) / or 2 Bigrounds 30 meter Walking Lunges with DB/KB Farmer’s Carry […]

CROSSFIT 24/07/2019

A. Prep for WOD (00:05- 00:20) 2 Minutes of:Run2 Minutes of:Row2 Minutes of:Bike2 Minutes of:Single Unders then practice DB Snatch & Rows B. Conditioning (0:25-00:55) EMOM 30:Minute 1: 45s Row moderate paceMinute 2: 45s DB Hang Power Snatch (22,5, 35) (Alt. sides however client sees fit)Minute 3: 45s Barbell Rows (42,5, 30)Minute 4: 45s Bike […]


A. Strength (00:15-00:40) 3 sets of:Hanging Med-Ball Hamstring Curls x 10-12 reps Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings x 12 reps (slow decent, with fully engaged obliques) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm7RlvlMXD8) wgt distracted Side Plank Hold x 45 seconds each side B. Conditioning (00:40-00:52)Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:25 Russian Kettlebell Swings 20 Wall […]

CROSSFIT 23/07/2019

0. Warmup A. Strength (00:15-00:35) Speed Medium Grip Bench Press + Challenge Set: 6 x 3 @50% of 1RM Bench Press, every 60s.– each set should be AFAP – both eccentric and concentric ROMThen,1 x Max Reps @50% B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55) For time:Buy in:100 Double UndersThen,50 DB Renegade Rows (22,5, 35pds) (total reps)50 KBS (24, […]


A. Strength EMOM 15 minutes (3 sets) of:Minute 1 – Tempo Push-Ups x 10-12 reps @ 1010Minute 2 – 50-Meter Suitcase Carry + Waiter’s Carry (Left Arm Overhead)Minute 3 – Strict Toes to Bar or Hanging Leg Raises x 6-8 repsMinute 4 – Push-Ups x 20 reps @ 10X0 (explosive)Minute 5 – 50-Meter Suitcase Carry […]

CROSSFIT 22/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15-00:35)The purpose of today is to perform „cluster sets“ (intra-set rest) to incur more volume with heavier loading. The goal is to build to a challenging set over the course of 5-6 sets. Technique should be on point!1) Front Squat Clusters: Build to a heavy 2.2.2 (15sec between) Rest 2:00-3:002) Power Clean: Build […]


„A. Prep for WOD B. ConditioningIn teams of 3: AMRAP 30: Buy-in: 1,6 km run Remaining time AMRAP: 30 Barbell Rows (60, 40) 30 Wall Balls (20, 14) 30 Pull-ups 30 Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20) *One person works. Split as desiredC. Core Tabata“


A. Strength3 sets Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps each leg L-Seated Dumbbell Press x 8-10 reps B. ConditioningFor time:Row 1000 Meters20 Burpees Over the Bar40 Thrusters (20/15kg) C. Acessory 5 Minutes of Parasympathetic Breathing

CROSSFIT 19/07/2019

A. Strength (00:15 – 00:35) Today we are performing a new protocol for muscular gains performing 3 movements in a row then resting. All sets should be VERY hard, but you’ll be close to failure. You’ll see similar work to this again next week but with different muscle groups. 3-4 Rounds of:6 Close Grip Bench […]