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A. Prep for WOD prep pec for dipsprep psoas for leg raises B. Conditioning Every 2 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 sets of each): Station 1 – 400/300 Meter Row Station 2 – 30 Stationary Dips Station 3 – 30/20 Calories of Assault Bike Station 4 – 15 Hanging Leg Raises Station 5 – 15 […]


A. Strength 3 sets of:Pause Deadlift x 6 reps (pause for 2 seconds at mid-patella, then extend to full hip and knee extension; reset before each lift; start sets around 60% of 1-RM and build by feel) Rest 60 seconds Handstand Hold x 45-60 seconds(progress from back to wall to nose to wall, and eventually […]


A. Strength 4 sets of:Russian Step-Ups x 10 reps each leg Side Plank x 45 seconds each side 100-Meter Suitcase Carry + Waiter’s Carry (5rounds in gym) (hold a heavy DB or KB at side in suitcase carry, and a lighter DB/KB overhead in waiter’s carry; switch arms at 50-meters) B. Conditioning3 rounds for time […]


A. Strength 4 sets: Station 1 – Single-Leg Squat (“Pistols”) x 6 reps each leg Station 2 – Hanging Med-Ball Hamstring Curls x 10-12 reps Station 3 – Barbell or Ab-Wheel Roll-Outs x 10 reps Station 4 – Supinated-Grip Bent-Over Barbell Row x 6-8 reps B. Conditioning For max reps: 4 Minutes of Dumbbell Burpee […]


A. Strength 5 sets for max reps of:45 seconds of L-Seated Dumbbell Presses45 sec rest 45 seconds of Jump Rope PracticeRest 45 seconds B. Conditioning (00:30-00:55)AMRAP 15:10 Left-Arm Dumbbell Push Presses10 Right-Arm Dumbbell Push Presses15 Dumbbell Goblet Squats20 V-Ups C. Acessory Banded Facepull-aparts + Banded Triceps Pushdowns x 5 Minutes Max Reps


A. Strengthwork 5 minutes on TGUP KB Flow for 10 minutes increase weight if good technique 10 KBSwings5 left armswings5 left armcleans5 left arm clean&jerks5 left arm reverse lungees5 left arm rows inbetween 5 Burpees 10 KBSwings5 right swings5 right armcleans5 right arm clean&jerks5 right arm reverse lungees5 right arm rows B. ConditioningEvery 2 minutes, […]


A. Prep for WOD B. Conditioning Every 10 minutes, for 40 minutes (4 sets) for times: 500 Meter Row 50 Situp Variation by Coach 30 Kettlebell Swings 12 Strict Pull-Ups C. Acessory Zottaman Curls: 3 x 10. Rest 60s.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrjEdVZrkhk)


A. Strength3 sets of: Station 1 – Left Leg Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps Station 2 – Right Leg Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps Station 3 – Front Leaning Rest on Rings x 45 secondsStation 4 – Reverse Snow Angels @wall x 10 reps B. ConditioningEvery 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets) […]


A. Strength EMOM for 16 minutes (4 sets of each): Station 1 – Double-Kettlebell Overhead Carry x 45 seconds Station 2 – Double KB Iso Row x 8/8 reps Station 3 – Hollow Hold/Rock x 45 seconds Station 4 – Farmer’s Carry x 45 seconds (heavy!) B. Conditioning For time: 40/30 Calories of Assault Bike […]


A. PrepPrep for WOD B. ConditioningFor time:50 Russian Kettlebell Swings40 Walking Lunges with Farmer’s Carry30 Burpees20 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Thrusters10 *Weighted Strict Pull-Ups20 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Thrusters30 Burpees40 Walking Lunges with Farmer’s Carry50 R Kettlebell Swings C. AcessoryBanded OH Triceps Extensions: 4 x 25. Rest 60s.


A. Strength 3 sets:Station 1 – Strict Ring Pull-Ups OR Rows x 8-10 reps (pull rings as close to the sternum as possible; break up your sets to stay fresh and accumulate 8-10 reps within a 2-minute window) Station 2 – Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold x 45-60 seconds(if you’re comfortable with holds, work toward handstand wall […]


A. Strength4sets Station 1 – Landmine Press x 8-10 reps (left)Station 2 – Landmine Press x 8-10 reps (right) Station 3 – Farmer’s Carry x 100 MetersStation 4 – L-Sit x 45-60 seconds(accumulate time with 10s on, 5-10s off) B. CondiAMRAP 12 minutes of:3 Strict Handstand Push-Ups or Strict DB Presses3 Strict Pull-Ups6 Strict Handstand […]


Warmup Coach to use following excercises in warmup: Squat progressions for Cossack Squats B. ConditioningEvery 10 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 sets) for times: 500 Meter Row /or 20 calories on bike /ski 12 Strict Pull-Ups 20/15 Calories of Assault Bike 20 Alternating Cossack Squats with Kettlebell Goblet Hold 400 Meter Run


Warmup Coach to use following excercises in warmup: Banded Palloff Hold (standing, squatting, kneeling – mix it up!) Banded Lateral Monster Walk Banded Squats Side Plank Hold Russian Step-Ups Then… A. Strength 3 sets of: Bulgarian Split Squat x 8-10 reps each Single-Arm Trap 3 Raises x 8-10 reps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T72i9dwF1PI B. Conditioning 15-12-9Dumbbell Thrusters Burpees


Warm-Up. Coach to build in Parallette Shoot-ThroughsGlute BridgesPaloff Side Steps Then… A. Strength 3 sets Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press x 6 reps each arm Landmine Row x 6 reps each arm Hollow Rocks or Hold x 60 seconds B. Conditioning2 rounds for time of:25 Calories of Rowing20 Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press* (10 per side)15 Toes […]


0. WarmupCoach to define a warmup with skillBanded Good Mornings Bird Dogs Wall Climbs A. Strength3 sets of:Barbell Hip Thrusts x 8-10 reps Push-Ups x 10-15 reps Kettlebell Sumo Stiff-Legged Deadlifts x 30 reps Side Plank x 45 seconds each B. Conditioning AMRAP 2 min 10 Kettlebell Swings10 Kettlebell Push Press (5 each arm) rest […]


Warm-Up. Coach to build a warmup with following excercises Med-Ball Squats Med-Ball Rotational Throws x 10 reps (left)Med-Ball DeadliftsMed-Ball Alternating Step-Ups Then A. Strength3 SetsStation 1 – Romanian Deadlift x 8-10 reps Station 2 – Dumbbell Alternating Reverse Lunges x 10 reps each legStation 3 – Banded Palloff Hold x 45 seconds each sideStation 4 […]


Warmup: Band Pull-Aparts x 15Bear Crawl Tabata Warm-Up x 3 Sets:Straddle PulsesPlank WalksJumping SquatsPlank Shoulder Taps Ringspecific Warmup with partner: for 40/20 secA: Ring RotationsB: Pushups A: Ring Support Holds (in finishing position) B: Chestpump walks (pecstic) A: Ring Dip Hold (low position hold)B: Scap Pushups B. Conditioning AMRAP 30 minutes of:20/15 Calories of Assault […]


Warmup Coach to use following excercises in warmup: Banded Hamstring MobilityJefferson Curls x 5-10 reps Med-Ball Squats Med-Ball Rotational Throws Med-Ball Deadlifts Med-Ball Alternating Step-Ups A. StrengthEvery 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each):Station 1 – Russian Kettlebell Swings x 25 repsStation 2 – Ab-Wheel Rollouts x 10 reps Station 3 – Side […]


Warmup Coach to use following excercises in warmup: Straddle PulsesPlank WalksJumping SquatsPlank Shoulder Taps A. Condi 1 AMRAP 15 minutes of:500 Meter Row20 Single-Arm Kettlebell Presses (10 each arm) Rest 3 minutes B. Condi 2AMRAP 15 minutes of:400 Meter Run30 Push-Ups20 Wall Ball Shots