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08/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Weightlifting 1 Power Clean1 Clean1 Jerkwork up to a heavy complex B. Conditioning 3 rounds for total reps 1min Power Cleans (40/30)2min max Box Jump Overs3min max Pullups4min max cal Ergo5min rest

07/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: 40m Farmers Carry AHAP B. 3 Sets of: 15m Yoke Carry AHAP C. 3 Sets of: Harnessed Bear Crawl D. EMOM 5: 5 Slam Balls

06/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up, 3 Rounds: 200m Run w/ Med Ball15m Walking Lunges with 10/5kg Plate15m Reverse Plate Drag 10/5kg B. 3 Sets of: B1. 10-15 RDLsB2. 10-15 Heel-elevated KB Goblet SquatsB3. 15-20 Weighted Anchored Sit-Ups C. For time: 500m Row

05/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength3 sets of:Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps each leg @ 3111Rest 45 seconds between each leg, then 45 seconds before moving to the dumbbell rowsSingle-Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm @ 2111Rest 45 seconds between each arm, then 45 seconds before returning to the Bulgarian Split Squats A. “The Eagle” by […]

04/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. StrengthBarbell Strict Press4 sets 6reps Prep for Wod3 roundsBurpee x 3 repsSingle-Arm Dumbbell Clean and Jerk x 3 reps per side Then… B.Condi In teams of 5, with one teammate per station AMRAP30:Station 1 – 20/15 Calories of Assault BikeStation 2 – 15 Devil’s Presses (22,5kg/35lb DBs)Station 3 – 300/250 Meter RowStation 4 – […]

01/07/2022 CROSSFIT

0. Skill Kettlebell Movement Prep2 sets, performed with one pair of kettlebells:Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift x 10 repsDouble (or single) Kettlebell Swing x 10 repsKettlebell Front Rack Carry x 25meter Kettlebell Front Rack + Overhead Carry x 25 meter, left (keep kettlebell front rack hold on right side, press left overhead)Kettlebell Front Rack + Overhead […]

30/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 10-15 Lat Pull-Downs A2. 10/10/10 T/I/Y Raises B. For time: 1 HOH Rope Pull 50 SB Presses @0.33/0.25 BW 1 HOH Rope Pull 200m SB Front Rack Carry 1 HOH Rope Pull 50 SB Front Squats 1 HOH Rope Pull 200m SB OH Carry

29/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 30s Ring Support Hold A2. 30s Active Hang B. 3 Sets of:B1. DB Bent-over Rows @3111 B2. 5 Ring Dips @31X1 C. AMRAP 15: 200m Run 2 Wall Walk 8 Alternating OA Burpees 16 Alternating OA DB Snatches 22,5/15kg

28/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength4 setsFront Squat3.3.3 cluster sets20sec rest between rep sets2min rest between sets B. Conditioning (22 min timecap) With a partner, 5 rounds for time of:24 double-unders (each)19 toes-to-bars (total)8 double dumbell hang clean thruster (total)400-m run (together)

27/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. weightlifting Hang Power Clean 8 sets build to a tough 3 reps every 90 sec B. Conditioning 12 min EMOM 15/12 cal erg 15 thruster (every round use different tools, sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbells, barbell) 15 ring rows

24/06/2022 Beginner Modul 6 Backsquat

A. Skill Squat to Lunge B. condi3 rounds 3min on / 1min off 10 cal erg 10 sandbag/slamball thruster 10 push ups into then 3 rounds 3min on / 1min off 100 single under 10 slamball/sandbag lunges 10 burpees

24/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. Strength squat cleanbuild to a heavy set of 3 1×3 @90%1×3 @80% b. Conditioning30 cal ergo30 t2b15 c&j (60/40) 30 cal ergo20 t2b 10 c&j (60/40) 30 cal ergo 10 t2b 5 c&j (60/40)

23/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Deadlift with 2s pause at knee height 3-3-3-3 B. In Teams of 2, 3 Rounds for time of: 800m Run(both simultaneously) 400m Partner Carry(only one working, switch when needed) 30 Lateral Burpees over the partner(only one working, switch when needed) Rest exactly 3 minutes after each round.

22/06/2022 CROSSFIT

Warm-Up/3 Rounds of: 5 OA DB Push Press L15m OA DB OH Walking Lunges L15m OA DB OH Carry L5 OA DB Push Press R15m OA DB OH Walking Lunges R15m OA DB OH Carry R Use a light DB in the 1st round, a moderate DB in the 2nd and a moderate-to-heavy DB in […]

21/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. strength4 supersets-6-8 strict pull ups-6-8 strict ring dips2min rest b. conditioning12min AMRAP2-4-6-8-10-…-double db hang power clean -double db lunges20 double unders after each round

20/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. strength front squatbuild to a heavy set of 3 then1×3 90% 1×3 80% b. conditioning5 x Amrap 3 (1min rest between) 3 burpee pullups 6 box jump overs 9 wallballs

17/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. warmup prep for wod b. conditioning 30-20-10 Reps for TimeBack Squats (bodyweight)Bench Presses (bodyweight)Strict Pull-Ups

16/06/2022 CROSSFIT

Upper Body Building Session. Let your self be surprised by the exercise selection, be ready for a pump!

15/06/2022 CROSSFIT

In Teams of 2, for time:800m Run (each, work simultaneously)400m Walking Lunges (each, work simultaneously)90 Deadlifts 100/70kg(total, only one partner working at a time, switch whenever needed)400m KB Farmers Carry 2×32/24kg(only one partner working at a time, switch whenever needed)200m Broad Jumps(each, work simultaneously)

14/06/2022 ENDURANCE

a. Prep for Wod: b. conditioningBuy-In: 20 BurpeesEMOM for 20 minutesMinute 1: 15/12 calorie RowMinute 2: 20/15 Plate Ground-to-Overheads (20/10 kg)Minute 3: 20/15 Sit-UpsMinute 4: 6/4 Devil Press Thrusters (2×16/12 kg)Minute 5: RestRepeat x 4 EMOM for 20 minutesMinute 1: 6 Kettlebell Deadlifts + 6 Kettlebell Swings + 6 Kettlebell Thrusters (24/20 kg)Minute 2: 50 […]