Kategorie: Bodyweight

BODYWEIGHT 11/12/2018

A. Strength (20min) for 10 min work on lat activation work on pec activation work in a EMOM 10 min on core skill for HS ODD: 6-8 weigthed C2B EVEN: 6-8 weigthed stationary Dips B. Conditioning (25min) For time: Row/Ski 2,000 meters or 100 cal Bike 50 wall-ball shots Row/Ski 1,000 meters or 50 cal […]

BODYWEIGHT 07/12/2018

A. Prep for WOD B. Conditioning ( total work time 42 min inkl rest) Tabata Mode On 8 x 20/10sec (total 4min) Pushup (for 4 min)  / Push Ring Row (for 4 min) / Pull Airsquat (for 4min) / Squat 3 min rest Sationary dips  (for 4 min)  / Push strict Pullups (for 4 min) […]

BODYWEIGHT 04/12/2018

A. Skill (18min) 3 Rounds of 4 stations with 60 sec work 30 sec for change min 1: AMRAP Seated L-Sit Legless Rope Climbs / Legless Climbs / Isometric Chinuphold min 2: AMRAP Single Leg Box Stepups (only driving leg is that standing on the box, no push of ground) min 3: AMRAP Archer Pushups with […]

BODYWEIGHT 29/11/2018

A. Strength 4 sets to max out on: a, Ring Facepulls (aim for 12 to 15 pulls) b, max out on Wallclimb to Handstandholds B. Conditioning (20 min) 5 x 2-minute rounds of: 15-cal. row Max strict weighted* toes-to-bars (with a medball) Rest 90 seconds select a number of calories that will allow you about […]

BODYWEIGHT 27/11/2018

A. Skill for 20 min work on your max distance broad jump work on Jumpdown from Box / find your height for the EMOM work in a EMOM 10 min on core skill for HS ODD: 6 Broadjumps EVEN: 4-5 Jumpdowns from Box / (jump down from Box, and work on a ninja cat smooth […]

BODYWEIGHT 22/11/2018

A. Prep for WOD Skill. work for 10 min on your Doubleunder 5 min go through rowing technique B. Conditioning 100 cal row/bike/ski 100 DU 90 cal row/bike/ski 90 DU 80 cal row/bike/ski 80 DU … 🙂 🙂 20 cal row/bike/ski 20 DU 10 cal row/bike/ski 10 DU

BODYWEIGHT 20/11/2018

A. Strength for 20 min work on your HS Skill work up from a Frogstand to a Headstand to a Handstandhold work in a EMOM 10 min on core skill for HS ODD: Weighted Hollow Hold for 40 sec EVEN: 2 Wallclimbs to 30 sec HS Hold B. Conditioning AMRAP for 20 minutes: 8 strict […]

BODYWEIGHT 15/11/2018

A. Prep for WOD work on your overall OH mobility for 10 min and work on Frogstand to Handstand Progressions for another 10 min“ B. Conditioning (20 min) For time: 3-minute handstand hold 100 squats 50-meter handstand walk 100 squats 30 handstand push-ups Perform the handstand hold against a wall (with only the feet touching) […]