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ENDURANCE 25/01/2022

amrap 50‘with e10mom starting at 0‘ run 1 big round10 burpees10m walking lunges with medball10 HR push ups10 medball thrusters20 burpees20m lunges20 HR push ups20 medball thrusters30 burpees30m lunges…add 10 reps each round

GYMNASTICS 25/01/2022

warm up 10‘1’ du practise4 greatest stretch6 scap pull ups8 air squats1 wall climb A. strength 25‘pistol, dips & pull up progression4-5 rounds (focus on form!)6-10 pistols left/box6-10 pistols right/box6-10 ring dips (depth!)6-10 strict pull ups(wide grip if possible) emom 12‘ (30-45“)hs holdhollow rocksshoulder tapsair squats

GYMNASTICS 16/11/2021

warm up 10’2 rounds1x inch worm1x bear crawl1x crab walk forward1x crab walk backskill 15’3 roundswall climb plus hs hold 1x maxcrow pose 30-60 sechigh plank 30-60 secfortgeschrittene = free hs practice with partner/wallworkout 20’ emom (30-45 sec)oh holdhollow holdl seated db pressshoulder taps/ single arm plankrest

GYMNASTICS 09/11/2021

wrist warm up2 rds10m bear crawl5 inch worms10 scap pull ups 25’ strength & skill 3-4 rounds1 wall climb + scissor kicks 6-10/ per sideaccumulate 45“ hollow holdcrow pose 30“(if you‘re done early you can try pvc pipe hs hold with partner or do tuck up hs hold, kick up practice, etc. ) wod15‘ cindy5 […]


warm upwrist warm up 5‘then:3x10m bear crawl5 inch wormA. Skill 20’ HS work based on skill levelleaning towards wallkicking up against wallshifting weightshoulder tapspartner hs walk pvc pipe B. Conditioning emom 25‘ (min 30 sec/max 50 sec)wall walk and holdoh holdhollow holdsuperman holdrest

Gymnastics & Mobility 11/02/2020

warmup ankles and wrists 3 sets of: A) Single-Arm Ring Row x 5 reps each arm (keep your shoulders and hips squared up and your glutes and quads engaged to maintain perfect plank positioning throughout the movement) Reverse-Grip Push-Ups x 10 reps 30 Second Supinated-Grip Hang from Pull-Up Bar B) 2 sets Shrimpsquats / 1:30 […]

BODYWEIGHT 24/01/2019

A. Skill work on Handstand for 30 min   B. Conditioning 15 min AMRAP – heavy cindy 5 strict pull ups 10 parallette push ups 15 goblet squats 16/12

BODYWEIGHT 22/01/2019

A. Skill On a 25-minute clock, with no rest between: 15 minutes of handstand practice 10 minutes of L-sit practice 5 minutes of double-unders B0. Prep for WOD 15 min work on Muscle Up and Pistol B. Conditioning 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of: Strict muscle-ups (no kip, work from ground with ring transitions and negative […]

BODYWEIGHT 17/01/2019

A. Skill EMOM for 15 minutes (3 sets of each): Minute 1 – Supine Ring Rows x 8-10 reps @ 2111 Minute 2 – Side Plank (Left) x 40 seconds Minute 3 – Side Plank (Right) x 40 seconds Minute 4 – Reverse Snow Angels @ Wall x 15 reps (slow & controlled) Minute 5 […]

BODYWEIGHT 15/01/2019

A. Skill work on your pistol ROM for 10 min EMOM 8 min Odd: 5-8 *weighted pistols per leg Even: 4-6 *weigthed strict c2b pullups B. Conditioning AMRAP from crossfit.com AMRAP 12 minutes of: 1 strict pull-up, 2 push-ups, 3 squats 2 strict pull-ups, 4 push-ups, 6 squats 3 strict pull-ups, 6 push-ups, 9 squats Etc. […]

BODYWEIGHT 10/01/2019

A. Skill invest 20 min in your free handstand B. Conditioning 3 rounds for time of: / from Crossfit.com 06/01/2019 15 inverted burpees (supine to handstand) 1,000-m row 15 burpees over the rower C. Corework 

BODYWEIGHT 08/01/2019

A. Skill work on free Handsstand for 20 min B. Conditioning For time: 50 strict pull-ups 100 push-ups 150 squats

BODYWEIGHT 20/12/2018

A. Skill work on your Handstand skills for 20 min 10 min EMOM Odd: 30 sec weighted Hollow Holds Uneven: 30 sec wallclimb to Shoulder Taps 10 min work on Freestand / Handstandwalk B. Conditioning (28 min) Against a 4-minute running clock… Row 600/500 Meters immediately followed by AMRAP of: 10 strict HSPU 10 T2B […]

BODYWEIGHT 18/12/2018

A. Strength (20min) for 10 min work on active shoulder work on scapular protraction work 15 min on skin the cat progressions 4sets (12min) 90secEmom work: 1st90sec: 6-8 Bulgarian Pullups (https://vimeo.com/218732354/7d7a42fbe0) 2nd90sec: 8/8 pistols B. Conditioning (20min) how fast can you burn 50 calories on the AB rest 2 min SKI rest 2min ROW

BODYWEIGHT 13/12/2018

A. Strength EMOM for 6 minutes of: Interval 1 – Wall-Facing Handstand Marching x 20 reps Interval 2 – one legged* wallsquat (advanced with KBs) for 6 minutes work on your pistol ROM for 5 min EMOM 6 min Odd: 5-8 *weighted pistols per leg Even: 5-8 *weigthed c2b pullups “ B. Conditioning (20 min) […]

BODYWEIGHT 11/12/2018

A. Strength (20min) for 10 min work on lat activation work on pec activation work in a EMOM 10 min on core skill for HS ODD: 6-8 weigthed C2B EVEN: 6-8 weigthed stationary Dips B. Conditioning (25min) For time: Row/Ski 2,000 meters or 100 cal Bike 50 wall-ball shots Row/Ski 1,000 meters or 50 cal […]

BODYWEIGHT 07/12/2018

A. Prep for WOD B. Conditioning ( total work time 42 min inkl rest) Tabata Mode On 8 x 20/10sec (total 4min) Pushup (for 4 min)  / Push Ring Row (for 4 min) / Pull Airsquat (for 4min) / Squat 3 min rest Sationary dips  (for 4 min)  / Push strict Pullups (for 4 min) […]

BODYWEIGHT 04/12/2018

A. Skill (18min) 3 Rounds of 4 stations with 60 sec work 30 sec for change min 1: AMRAP Seated L-Sit Legless Rope Climbs / Legless Climbs / Isometric Chinuphold min 2: AMRAP Single Leg Box Stepups (only driving leg is that standing on the box, no push of ground) min 3: AMRAP Archer Pushups with […]

BODYWEIGHT 29/11/2018

A. Strength 4 sets to max out on: a, Ring Facepulls (aim for 12 to 15 pulls) b, max out on Wallclimb to Handstandholds B. Conditioning (20 min) 5 x 2-minute rounds of: 15-cal. row Max strict weighted* toes-to-bars (with a medball) Rest 90 seconds select a number of calories that will allow you about […]