Kategorie: Bodyweight

05/07/2022 ENDURANCE

A. Warmup B. Condi10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…burpeeskb front squats 2 min rest 10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…v upswallball shots 2min rest 10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…ring rowsoverhead lunges dumbell

27/06/2022 SWEATSHOP

Teams of 24k Row 2big Rd Run100 Doubleunders80 sync Situps 60 sync Burpees40 sync Russian Swings20 sync Pushups 10 Pullups / Deadhang

28/06/2022 ENDURANCE

In teams of 2, complete the following for time: ( timecap 40 min)2000 Meter Relay Row 1600 Meter Run Together120 Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters 80 Toes to Bar or V-Ups 40 Strict Pull-Ups 20 Wall Walks Partner wh0 is not working: 1st 8 min / heavy DB Farmer carries 2nd 8min / running together3rd 8min / […]

21/06/2022 ENDURANCE

1. 7min amrap10 db snatch10 box jump over2min rest 2. 7min amrap10/10 db push press10 single db weighted box step over2min rest 3. 7min amrap10 single db goblet squat10 lateral burpee over db2min rest 4. 7min amrapmax reps sandbag lunge every time you break 10 down ups

20/06/2022 SWEATSHOP

3 EMOMs for 24 minutes + buyout From 0:00-7:00, EMOM:6 DB Squat Snatches6 Burpee Pullups then From 7:00-15:00, EMOM:Minute 1: 200 meter RunMinute 2: 12 Toes-to-BarsRepeat 4 x then From 15:00-24:00, EMOM:Minute 1: 15 Sandbag FR Front Squats Minute 2: 10 Sandbag Push Presses Minute 3: 5 Sandbag/slamball Cleans Buyout: 100 calories on ergo

17/06/2022 BODYWEIGHT

warm up 8’1 rd run5 hanging knee raises2/2 greatest stretch5 squat jumps strength 30’3-4 rounds6 lying leg raises6-8/leg bulgarian step up20-30” tuck sit/ l sit8-10/leg bulgarian split squats wod 15’ amrap15 t2b/knee raises15 box jump overs30 jumping lunges

07/06/2022 GYMNASTICS

gymnastics10’3 perfect stretch /side30 sec dead hang15 frog jumps30-40 sec plank walk a. strength 3-4 rounds 25’4-6 ( weighted )pull ups 21X16-8 ( box ) pistols 21×16-8 ( box ) hspu1’ plank variations (star, side, forearm, high…) b. wod15-20’ amrap3 rds run5 pull ups10 pistols15 box jumps

31/05/2022 ENDURANCE

in teams of 2:40 min AMRAP 100 cal ergother person performs handstand hold on wall 100 db snatchother person performs hollow hold 100 weighted box step overother person performs wall sit person a is only working if person b is in position

24/05/2022 ENDURANCE

A. Warmup for quality 10/8 cal row (easy) 10 hanwalk + scorpion 10/8 cal row (medium) 10 alt samson + instep rotation 10/8 cal row (hard) B. Condievery 3min x 10 sets 5 strict pull ups 10 hand release push ups 15 alternating box step ups 60/50 max cal row C) Core for quality 50 […]

20/05/2022 BODYWEIGHT / Beginner

A. Skill Ring work (Holds / Pulls) & Core work (Foamrollrumble) B. Conditioning EMOM 7 min 10 SB Frontrack Lunges 30 Double unders rest 3 min AMRAP 7 min 20 Assault Bike 2 Wallclimbs to Wallhold rest 3 min AMRAP 7 min 20 Wallballshots20 Cal Row

17/05/2022 ENDURANCE

3 rounds of:1min each station(1) Shuttle runs, 8 m(2) Dumbbell snatches(3) Bike OR Echo for calories(4) Dumbbell box step-ups(5) Strict burpees(6) rest 3 min rest 3 rounds of 1min each station(1) Burpee line runs, 8 m(2) 2 DB Dumbbell Hangclean 5 Pushpress(3) Row for calories(4) T2B (5) Burpee Pullups (6) rest

10/05/2022 ENDURANCE

a. condi1 For Time (with a Partner)500-400-300-200-100 meter Row (each)Partner Holds Kettlebells in Rack (2×24/16 kg)5 Burpee penalty for each drop of kettlebells 3 min rest then b. condi 2 For Time (with a Partner)2000 meter RowThen, 20 Rounds of:10 Toes-to-Bars20 Air Squats16 Russian Kettlebell Swings

10/05/2022 BODYWEIGHT

2’ wrist warm upthen:8’ amrap10m duck walk10m crab walk forward10m crab walk backward10m bear crawl strength 20’3-4 rounds20-30sec chin over bar hold15-20 lat pull downs8/8 controlled single leg box squats (weighted) emom 15’hs holdoh holdhollow holdsuperman holdrest

03/05/2022 BODYWEIGHT

A. Skill Handstand Drills (EMOMs) B. Conditioning AMRAP in 15 minutes5 Burpees10 Push-Ups15 Air Squats6 meter Bear Crawl (3 meter there and back)

03/05/2022 ENDURANCE

ENDURANCE: EMOM 8 minEven 10 cal Erg Odd Burpee Pullups 2 min rest EMOM 4 min Even : 200 meter run Odd: 5 Box Jumps + AMRAP Pushups EMOM 4 min Even : 200 meter run Odd: 6 Box Russian Stepups + AMRAP Ringrows 2 min rest AMRAP in 8 minutes 6 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts […]

25/04/2022 SWEATSHOP by Willi

W-Up: 5 Rds each athlete Teams of 2 A.) 1 Rd Cindy B.) static hold Metcon Group of 2 Relay OTM 2-5 BP 100 Cal Ski 100 Cal Bike 100 Cal Row Wod: Teams of 2 all mvmts. Sync. 10-1 reps one arm DL (left) one arm hang squat Clean (left) one arm push jerk […]

26/04/2022 ENDURANCE

in team of 3 9999 meter Row first 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: ring body saw 3: dumbbell farmer carry variations second 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: hanging variations3: Kb carry variations third 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: hollow hold to superman rolls 3: plank variations

26/04/2022 BODYWEIGHT

wod 1: For Time (30 min)800 m run/row (1big 1 small) 100 Push-Ups100 meter Bear Crawl (5 rounds in the gym) 400 m Backwards Run (2 rounds) 100 meter Bear Crawl100 Ring Rows 800 m row/run wod 2:AMRAP in 12 minutes10 V-Ups10 Alternating Pistols10 second Isometric Bent Over Row with Band