20/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. strength front squatbuild to a heavy set of 3 then1×3 90% 1×3 80% b. conditioning5 x Amrap 3 (1min rest between) 3 burpee pullups 6 box jump overs 9 wallballs

17/06/2022 BODYWEIGHT

warm up 8’1 rd run5 hanging knee raises2/2 greatest stretch5 squat jumps strength 30’3-4 rounds6 lying leg raises6-8/leg bulgarian step up20-30” tuck sit/ l sit8-10/leg bulgarian split squats wod 15’ amrap15 t2b/knee raises15 box jump overs30 jumping lunges

17/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. warmup prep for wod b. conditioning 30-20-10 Reps for TimeBack Squats (bodyweight)Bench Presses (bodyweight)Strict Pull-Ups

16/06/2022 CROSSFIT

Upper Body Building Session. Let your self be surprised by the exercise selection, be ready for a pump!

15/06/2022 CROSSFIT

In Teams of 2, for time:800m Run (each, work simultaneously)400m Walking Lunges (each, work simultaneously)90 Deadlifts 100/70kg(total, only one partner working at a time, switch whenever needed)400m KB Farmers Carry 2×32/24kg(only one partner working at a time, switch whenever needed)200m Broad Jumps(each, work simultaneously)

14/06/2022 ENDURANCE

a. Prep for Wod: b. conditioningBuy-In: 20 BurpeesEMOM for 20 minutesMinute 1: 15/12 calorie RowMinute 2: 20/15 Plate Ground-to-Overheads (20/10 kg)Minute 3: 20/15 Sit-UpsMinute 4: 6/4 Devil Press Thrusters (2×16/12 kg)Minute 5: RestRepeat x 4 EMOM for 20 minutesMinute 1: 6 Kettlebell Deadlifts + 6 Kettlebell Swings + 6 Kettlebell Thrusters (24/20 kg)Minute 2: 50 […]

14/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength power clean and push jerkwork up to a heavy single for the day b. conditioning teams of 2for time:40-30-20-10-shoulder to overhead-burpeesonly one working

13/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. Strength4 supersets-10/10 bulgarian split squats-10/10 single leg deadlift2’ rest b. conditioning for time:50 kb deadlift50 box jump over50 toes to bar50 box jump over50 kb deadlift

11/06/2022 90 min

warm up 7’2/2 greatest stretch10 russian baby makers10 plank walk30 su/dustrength 40’bench 5-5-5-5-5bent over row 5-5-5-5-5WOD in teams of 2 40’ tc buy in:500 DU or SU100 double kb dl (24/16)80 kbs russian (24/16)60 snatch single arm db (22,5/15)40 renegade rows (17,5/12,5)20 devil press double db (17,5/12,5)10 small rounds runcash out:amrap wall balls (9/6) = score for […]

Beginner Modul 6 08/06/2022

Session 6(Woche 1/Freitag/Peter): Squat A. Warm-Up:Teams of 2, 40s On/20s OFF(transition), alternate tasks for 4 Rounds:Wall SitEcho/Assault Bike B. Learning Movement:B1. BB Back Squat:10-10-10 Note for coach: Easy to moderate weight, controlled movement, probably give athletes a tempo like @3111. B2. 1 Set of:Max Reps SB Squats @0.33/0.25 BW C. Workout:2 Rounds for time of:40 Single-Unders(or […]

Beginner Modul 5 08/06/2022

A. Warm-Up B. Learning Movement:B1. 3 Sets of:SB Bent-over RowSB Bench Press B2. 3 Sets of:Lat Pull-DownsSB Press C. Workout:1-3 Sets Banded Partner Bear Crawls1-3 Sets Banded Partner Sprints

Beginner Modul 4 07/06/2022

Session 4(Woche 1/Dienstag/Stephi): Hinge A. Warm-Up:2-3 Rounds of:15m Reverse Plate Drag aka Hamstring-Burner w/ 5/10kg Plate15m Plate Front Rack Lunges30 Plate Russian Twists(total) B. Learning Movement:Deadlift:10-10-10Note for coach: Easy to moderate weight, controlled movement, probably give athletes a tempo like @3111. C. Workout:EMOM 5+:Even: 10-20 KBS(Russian)Odd: 10-20 WBS Note for coach: 10-20 Rep range to give athletes […]

Beginner Modul 3 03/06/2022

A. Warm-Up:25 Jumping Jacks15m Sidewards Bear Crawl L25 Jumping Jacks15m Sidewards Bear Crawl R15m Inch Worm B. Learning Movement:B1. X Rounds of:Pull-Ups/Ring RowsPush-UpsNote for Coach: Recommendation on how to coach this – go alternating trough both movements, from easiest scaling version moving up to the hardest one with each round. Athletes who found their scaling stick […]

Beginner Modul 2 01/06/2022

Session 2(Woche 1/Mittwoch/Phil): HingeA. Warm-Up:Activating the External ObliquesB. Learning Movement:HingeSB CleanC. Workout:1-3 Sets of:Sled Sprint

07/06/2022 ENDURANCE

2 sets of:Row x 90 secondsSlider Seal Walk x 10m forward /backwardthen 2 sets of:Goblet Hold Dumbbell Cossack Squat x 8 reps (4 per side)Dive-Bomber Push-Up x 8 repsRing Row x 8 reps b. conditioning 1 set for max reps: 12 min 3 Minutes of Assault Bike (or Rowing)2 Minutes of Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Squat Snatches1 Minute […]

10/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. strengthbuild up to a 3 rm then working 3 sets then 3 sets 6 rep/side onelegged romanian deadlifts (max 30% of 3rm deadlift) B. condiAMRAP in 7 minutesDB Man makers 5 Deadlifts (100/70kg) at the top of each minute

09/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Ringwork Pullwork b. Conditioning21-15-9 HSPU strictRing Dips strictPush-Ups strict

08/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up:4x15s Move/15s HoldSplit Squats/Split Squat Bottom Hold1 Set w/ L leg in front. Then rest for the group as needed. Repeat w/ R leg in front. B. Backsquat:3-3-3-3 C. 1 Set of:Max Reps WBS 9/6kgD. For time:X BurpeesX = 150 minus your total reps of C

07/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a.weightliftinghang squat snatch 5 rounds:-1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 hang snatch + 1 overhead squatb. b. conditioningevery 2min x 7: (14min total)go all in every round 5 lateral burpees10 db snatch5 lateral burpees10 db snatch

07/06/2022 GYMNASTICS

gymnastics10’3 perfect stretch /side30 sec dead hang15 frog jumps30-40 sec plank walk a. strength 3-4 rounds 25’4-6 ( weighted )pull ups 21X16-8 ( box ) pistols 21×16-8 ( box ) hspu1’ plank variations (star, side, forearm, high…) b. wod15-20’ amrap3 rds run5 pull ups10 pistols15 box jumps