08/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. 5 Sets of: A1. 10 (Deficit) Barbell HingesA2. 10 (Weighted) Hanging Knee Raises B. 2-3 Sets of:B1. 30m Farmers Carry AHAPB2. 30m SB Flips AHAP

07/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

AMRAP 10:5/5 OA Ring Rows10 Plank-to-Push-Up(total)20 Stationary Reverse Lunges(total)-then, no rest- AMRAP 5:Alternating KB TGU 24/16kg-then, no rest- AMRAP 10:5 Pull-Ups10 Push-Ups20 Air Squats-then, no rest- AMRAP 5:5 WBS 9/6kg5 Burpees-then, no rest- AMRAP 10:5 Strict Chin-Ups10 KB Floor Presses 32/24kg20 KB Goblet Squats 32/24kg

06/12/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 12’1’ wrist circles10m forward crab10m backward crab10 m bear crawl10m inch worm skill 20’3-4 roundsaccumulate 1’ of the following false grip holdlsit holdactive hang wod for time TC: 20’ 50 jumping jacks3 wall climbs60 jumping jacks4 wall climbs70 jumping jacks5 wall climbs80 jumping6 wall climbs90 jumping jacks7 wall climbs100 jumping jacks8 wall climbs

06/12/2022 Endurance

warm up 10’50 jumping jacks3 wall climbs60 jumping jacks4 wall climbs70 jumping jacks5 wall climbs80 jumping jacks then 3x 10’ amrap 2’ rest btw30 cal row30m burpee broad jumps30 wall balls 30 cal ski30m farmers carry30 wall balls 30 cal airbike/3rds run30m sb lunges30 wall balls

06/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. A. Strength A. 3 Sets of:A1. BacksquatA2. 10+ reps Stationary Dips (*with assitance)*Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 5×75%, 2nd Set 5×85%, 3rd Set 5+ 85%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week.repscheme 5@75%/5@85%/5+(85%) B. For time:75/55 Calories of Assault Bike75 Wall Ball Shots

05/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. In teams of 2, each member must complete the following for time:1000 Meter Row15 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)30 Pull-Ups50 Thrusters (20/15 kg) Each team must perform this with one lane of equipment, so Partner A will start on the row, and Partner B will begin after Partner A has started on Burpee Box Jump-Overs […]

03/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

warm up 12’2/2 greatest stretch20 pass through10 oh walking lunges20 pull aparts10 ring rows 20’ strength3x towel pull up/legless rope climb10/10 OH lunges3’ rest after each set WOD prep 5’ Workout for time in teams of 250’ TC160 db snatches 22,5/15100 strict pull ups100 hr push ups160 box jump overscash out amrap burpees till time […]

02/12/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Strength A. 3 Sets of: A1. Benchpress**Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 5×75%, 2nd Set 3×85%, 3rd Set 1+ 95%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week.A2. 10+ Bulgarian Split Squats /per side B. Conditioning AMRAP in 15 minutes10 KB/DB Push Presses (20/16)10 RU Kettlebell Swings (32/24)10 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

30/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

For time:30 Burpees50 Barbell Strict Press @70%(out of Rack)30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups50 Backsquats @70%(out of Rack)30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups50 Deadlifts @70%30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups30 Burpees

29/11/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 15’2x stairs20 pass through10 OHS10m OH walking lunges20 pull aparts skill and strength 20’e5mom10 ring rows3 wall climb8 australian pull ups2 wall climbsmax pull ups(assisted)/c2b1 wall climb Conditioning 15’180 (weighted) jumping squat lungesfor timerest of the time amrap wall sit variations

29/11/2022 Endurance

warm up 7’death by line sprints and tuck jumpsstart @ 1 sprint (20m) and 10 tuck jumps—> add 20m/2 reps each round 3×12 ’ Amrap 3’ rest btw stations1 15cal ski/30wbs/200m run2 15cal row/2 legths burpee broad jumps/200m run3 3rds run/1 rd farmers carry

29/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. StrengthA. 3 Sets of:A1. Frontsquat*A2. 10+ reps Chinups (*with assitance) OR ringrows*Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 5×75%, 2nd Set 3×85%, 3rd Set 1+ 95%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week. B. Conditioning Teams of 2 will alternate movements AMRAP 24 minutes of:3 Strict Handstand Push-Ups6 Strict Pull-Ups9 Toes-to-Bar4 Frontrack […]

28/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Skill Cleanin 6 setswork up to a 70% ish weight in following complex1 High Hang Power 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Frontsquatrest 1,5 min between sets B. ConditioningEvery 3 minutes, for 30 minutes (10 sets) for max load:12/10 cal row/echo2 Cleans

25/11/2022 Beginner

A: Skill Barbell Movements (barbell)Hinge, Backsquat, Clean, Press B. Condi6 rounds of: 1 minute of rowing1 minute of burpees1 minute of double-unders1 minute of rest Try for as many reps as possible of EACH exercise, not just total score. Post separate totals for rowed calories, burpees, and double-unders to comments.

25/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Skill Clean up to a 90% ish 1 rep B. AMRAP20:1 Power Clean (85% of A.)1 Pullup1 Dip (stationary or ring)run 1 round+1rep 2 Power Clean (85% of A.)2 Pullup2 Dip (stationary or ring)run 1 round add 1 rep each round, and run 1 round each round

24/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A.4 Sets of:5 Supinated Barbell Rows AHAP into Max SB Bent-over Rows(10+) B. 4 Sets of:4 SB Push Presses AHAP into 4 DB Push Presses AHAP into 4 Barbell Push Presses AHAP C. 2-3 Sets of:6x15m SB Carry AHAP D. 2-3 Sets of:Sled Sprint

23/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Warm-Up/3 Rounds of:30 Walking Lunges(total)30 Plank-to-Push-Up(total)30 OA Ring Row(15/15) B. 6 Rounds for time of:3 Front Squats 90/60kg(out of Rack)6 DB Floor Presses 2×35/20kg9 Strict Chin-Ups

22/11/2022 Endurance

warm up6’ or 3 rounds5 cals row/ski20m walking lunges10 medball thrusters 2x 20’ amrap 3’ rest 1.)40 burpees50 sb lunges60 cals row 2.)40 wall balls50 hr push ups60 cal ski erg

22/11/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 15’10 bear crawl10 m crab walk10m toysoldier10m frog jumps3 inch worms skill and strength 15’emom 15’wall climb + holdsingle leg wall sit leftsingle leg wall sit rightl-sit holdrest conditioning 21’ 3×6’ amrap 90” rest btw 10 box jumps10 burpees20 single/double unders goal: go faster each round

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