08/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Weightlifting 1 Power Clean1 Clean1 Jerkwork up to a heavy complex B. Conditioning 3 rounds for total reps 1min Power Cleans (40/30)2min max Box Jump Overs3min max Pullups4min max cal Ergo5min rest

07/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: 40m Farmers Carry AHAP B. 3 Sets of: 15m Yoke Carry AHAP C. 3 Sets of: Harnessed Bear Crawl D. EMOM 5: 5 Slam Balls

06/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up, 3 Rounds: 200m Run w/ Med Ball15m Walking Lunges with 10/5kg Plate15m Reverse Plate Drag 10/5kg B. 3 Sets of: B1. 10-15 RDLsB2. 10-15 Heel-elevated KB Goblet SquatsB3. 15-20 Weighted Anchored Sit-Ups C. For time: 500m Row

05/07/2022 ENDURANCE

A. Warmup B. Condi10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…burpeeskb front squats 2 min rest 10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…v upswallball shots 2min rest 10min amrap2-4-6-8-10-…ring rowsoverhead lunges dumbell

05/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength3 sets of:Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps each leg @ 3111Rest 45 seconds between each leg, then 45 seconds before moving to the dumbbell rowsSingle-Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm @ 2111Rest 45 seconds between each arm, then 45 seconds before returning to the Bulgarian Split Squats A. “The Eagle” by […]

04/07/2022 CROSSFIT

A. StrengthBarbell Strict Press4 sets 6reps Prep for Wod3 roundsBurpee x 3 repsSingle-Arm Dumbbell Clean and Jerk x 3 reps per side Then… B.Condi In teams of 5, with one teammate per station AMRAP30:Station 1 – 20/15 Calories of Assault BikeStation 2 – 15 Devil’s Presses (22,5kg/35lb DBs)Station 3 – 300/250 Meter RowStation 4 – […]

27/06/2022 SWEATSHOP

Teams of 24k Row 2big Rd Run100 Doubleunders80 sync Situps 60 sync Burpees40 sync Russian Swings20 sync Pushups 10 Pullups / Deadhang

01/07/2022 CROSSFIT

0. Skill Kettlebell Movement Prep2 sets, performed with one pair of kettlebells:Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift x 10 repsDouble (or single) Kettlebell Swing x 10 repsKettlebell Front Rack Carry x 25meter Kettlebell Front Rack + Overhead Carry x 25 meter, left (keep kettlebell front rack hold on right side, press left overhead)Kettlebell Front Rack + Overhead […]

30/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 10-15 Lat Pull-Downs A2. 10/10/10 T/I/Y Raises B. For time: 1 HOH Rope Pull 50 SB Presses @0.33/0.25 BW 1 HOH Rope Pull 200m SB Front Rack Carry 1 HOH Rope Pull 50 SB Front Squats 1 HOH Rope Pull 200m SB OH Carry

29/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 30s Ring Support Hold A2. 30s Active Hang B. 3 Sets of:B1. DB Bent-over Rows @3111 B2. 5 Ring Dips @31X1 C. AMRAP 15: 200m Run 2 Wall Walk 8 Alternating OA Burpees 16 Alternating OA DB Snatches 22,5/15kg

28/06/2022 ENDURANCE

In teams of 2, complete the following for time: ( timecap 40 min)2000 Meter Relay Row 1600 Meter Run Together120 Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters 80 Toes to Bar or V-Ups 40 Strict Pull-Ups 20 Wall Walks Partner wh0 is not working: 1st 8 min / heavy DB Farmer carries 2nd 8min / running together3rd 8min / […]

28/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength4 setsFront Squat3.3.3 cluster sets20sec rest between rep sets2min rest between sets B. Conditioning (22 min timecap) With a partner, 5 rounds for time of:24 double-unders (each)19 toes-to-bars (total)8 double dumbell hang clean thruster (total)400-m run (together)

27/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. weightlifting Hang Power Clean 8 sets build to a tough 3 reps every 90 sec B. Conditioning 12 min EMOM 15/12 cal erg 15 thruster (every round use different tools, sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbells, barbell) 15 ring rows

24/06/2022 Beginner Modul 6 Backsquat

A. Skill Squat to Lunge B. condi3 rounds 3min on / 1min off 10 cal erg 10 sandbag/slamball thruster 10 push ups into then 3 rounds 3min on / 1min off 100 single under 10 slamball/sandbag lunges 10 burpees

21/06/2022 ENDURANCE

1. 7min amrap10 db snatch10 box jump over2min rest 2. 7min amrap10/10 db push press10 single db weighted box step over2min rest 3. 7min amrap10 single db goblet squat10 lateral burpee over db2min rest 4. 7min amrapmax reps sandbag lunge every time you break 10 down ups

24/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. Strength squat cleanbuild to a heavy set of 3 1×3 @90%1×3 @80% b. Conditioning30 cal ergo30 t2b15 c&j (60/40) 30 cal ergo20 t2b 10 c&j (60/40) 30 cal ergo 10 t2b 5 c&j (60/40)

23/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Deadlift with 2s pause at knee height 3-3-3-3 B. In Teams of 2, 3 Rounds for time of: 800m Run(both simultaneously) 400m Partner Carry(only one working, switch when needed) 30 Lateral Burpees over the partner(only one working, switch when needed) Rest exactly 3 minutes after each round.

22/06/2022 CROSSFIT

Warm-Up/3 Rounds of: 5 OA DB Push Press L15m OA DB OH Walking Lunges L15m OA DB OH Carry L5 OA DB Push Press R15m OA DB OH Walking Lunges R15m OA DB OH Carry R Use a light DB in the 1st round, a moderate DB in the 2nd and a moderate-to-heavy DB in […]

20/06/2022 SWEATSHOP

3 EMOMs for 24 minutes + buyout From 0:00-7:00, EMOM:6 DB Squat Snatches6 Burpee Pullups then From 7:00-15:00, EMOM:Minute 1: 200 meter RunMinute 2: 12 Toes-to-BarsRepeat 4 x then From 15:00-24:00, EMOM:Minute 1: 15 Sandbag FR Front Squats Minute 2: 10 Sandbag Push Presses Minute 3: 5 Sandbag/slamball Cleans Buyout: 100 calories on ergo

21/06/2022 CROSSFIT

a. strength4 supersets-6-8 strict pull ups-6-8 strict ring dips2min rest b. conditioning12min AMRAP2-4-6-8-10-…-double db hang power clean -double db lunges20 double unders after each round