Beginner Modul 6 08/06/2022

Session 6(Woche 1/Freitag/Peter): Squat

A. Warm-Up:
Teams of 2, 40s On/20s OFF(transition), alternate tasks for 4 Rounds:
Wall SitEcho/Assault Bike

B. Learning Movement:
B1. BB Back Squat:

Note for coach: Easy to moderate weight, controlled movement, probably give athletes a tempo like @3111.

B2. 1 Set of:
Max Reps SB Squats @0.33/0.25 BW

C. Workout:
2 Rounds for time of:
40 Single-Unders(or 20 Jumping Jacks)30 Alternating DB Snatches(total)20 KB Goblet Squats

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