Beginner Modul 4 07/06/2022

Session 4(Woche 1/Dienstag/Stephi): Hinge

A. Warm-Up:
2-3 Rounds of:
15m Reverse Plate Drag aka Hamstring-Burner w/ 5/10kg Plate15m Plate Front Rack Lunges30 Plate Russian Twists(total)

B. Learning Movement:
Note for coach: Easy to moderate weight, controlled movement, probably give athletes a tempo like @3111.

C. Workout:
EMOM 5+:
Even: 10-20 KBS(Russian)
Odd: 10-20 WBS

Note for coach: 10-20 Rep range to give athletes options to scale workout. Recommended to start all athletes on 15 reps, if it feels to easy/heavy they themselves schould scale reps up/down in the upcoming rounds. 5+ Rounds = 10 Minutes, add rounds of 2 Minutes if more time of the class is left.

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