Beginner Modul 3 03/06/2022

A. Warm-Up:
25 Jumping Jacks15m Sidewards Bear Crawl L25 Jumping Jacks15m Sidewards Bear Crawl R15m Inch Worm

B. Learning Movement:
B1. X Rounds of:
Pull-Ups/Ring RowsPush-Ups
Note for Coach: Recommendation on how to coach this – go alternating trough both movements, from easiest scaling version moving up to the hardest one with each round. Athletes who found their scaling stick to it for the coming rounds while others keep doing harder scaling variations until they find theirs. 

B2. BB Strict Press:

Note for coach: Easy to moderate weight, controlled movement, probably give athletes a tempo like @3111.

C. Workout:
For time:
400m Run
25 DB Push Presses
25 Burpees
200m Run

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