90min 22/12/2018

0. Warmup
8 min Animalflow warmup
Skill Work:

1-Arm Barbell Press & Overhead Squat

1-arm press followed by an 1-arm overhead squat. (This constitutes 1 rep)
3 sets of max weight (with good form) for 10 reps per hand
Warmup AMRAP 7:
10 Pecstick Squats – use KB within Pecsticks
10 KB Goblet Press
10 Ring Rows
Main act:
4 Persons per Station – 10 min per station, as many rounds as possible – 4 min rest and to prepare for next exercise:
1) Sandbag Press & Push Ups & Rope Pulls
SB Press (20+ reps) + Push Ups (12+ reps) + 2 length Rope Pull. Next persons starts, when other person finished first line of rope pulls.
Aim: Muscle Failure (=MF) Until you can’t lockout your elbow anymore or loose form in rope pulling.
2) Dimmel Deadlifts & Sandbag Carries
60sec MF Dimmel DL + MF bodyweight Sandbag Carry. Rest as needed between rounds, maximum 2 min.
Simple: 60 seconds continuing dimmel deadlifts. Focus on driving through the legs and keeping the movement smooth. Let the legs do the work and keep control of your breathing.
As soon as you’re done your 60 seconds, walk over to your bag, steady yourself and begin walking with that thing for as long as you can. Mind over matter here! Don’t drop that thing until you fall down with it!
3) Harnessed Bear Crawls & KB Pec-Stick Carry
4 lengths as heavy as possible under 45s. One person uses sled, one person carries, other is resting.
Move the sled heavy enough so you can complete 40m. Use max. weight. This is about
gaining strength not conditioning. Short, choppy steps, while keeping your hands in contact with the floor. Drive the floor away as hard as possible through the ball of the foot on each step. Make the legs grow!
4) Supinated Barbell Rows & Heavy Dips
AMRAP: 5 barbell rows and 5 dips (on bar or box)

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