BODYWEIGHT 14/08/2018

A. Skill
advanced athletes:

3 swing + 2 muscle ups
6 sets for practice


5 rounds
30 seconds max muscle ups
rest 30 seconds

intermediate athletes:
practice swing:

try to swing and on a command from coach try to bring the rings bellow chest
EMOM 8 min
Odd: 5-10 Dips depending on form
Even: 5-10 Ring Snap Pull transitions (

B. Conditioning (timecap 20 minutes)
150 wallballs for time every break
250m row + 15 russian KBS (32/24)

C. Cooldown (Coredown)
EMOM 10 minutes:
odd: 20-30 seconds L-Sit on paralettes
even: 15/12 cal ski erg (or row)


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