24/12/2018 XXL Christmas Derby

This workout is designed for 20 athletes and will need you to understand the design and logistics of the modus operandi.
There are two big teams of  10 athletes each of these teams is organized in teams of 2 athletes.

Workout 1 
Team Christkind will start with an AMRAP of 15 min:
in teams of 2 IGYUGO:

12/8 Cal Assault Bike
8 Burpees

Workout 2 
Team Gringe will start with the for time mode of
in a 15 min timewindow:

20 Rounds, for time:
5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
10 Dumbbell Movements* (25 kg / 45 pds)
15 T2B

*Dumbbell Movements:

Rd 1: DB Push Press
Rd 2: DB Burpees
Rd 3: DB Power Cleans
Rd 4: DB Floor Press
Rd 5: DB Frontrack Lunge
Rd 6: DB Front Squat
Rd 7: DB Bent Over Rows
Rd 8: DB Snatch
Rd 9: DB Deadlifts
Rd 10: DB Thrusters
Rd 11: DB Push Press
Rd 12: DB Burpees
Rd 13: DB Power Cleans
Rd 14: DB Floor Press
Rd 15: DB Frontrack Lunge
Rd 16: DB Front Squat
Rd 17: DB Bent Over Rows
Rd 18: DB Snatch
Rd 19: DB Deadlifts
Rd 20: DB Thrusters

Team Christkind:

from 0-15min Workout 1 with AB
from 15-30min Workout 2
from 30-45min Workout 1 with Row
from 45-60 min Workout 2

Team Gringe:

from 0-15min Workout 2
from 15-30min Workout 1 with AB
from 30-45min Workout 2
from 45-60 min Workout 1 with Row

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