Monat: April 2022

25/04/2022 SWEATSHOP by Willi

W-Up: 5 Rds each athlete Teams of 2 A.) 1 Rd Cindy B.) static hold Metcon Group of 2 Relay OTM 2-5 BP 100 Cal Ski 100 Cal Bike 100 Cal Row Wod: Teams of 2 all mvmts. Sync. 10-1 reps one arm DL (left) one arm hang squat Clean (left) one arm push jerk […]

29/04/2022 CROSSFIT

a. prep for wod b. Herowod Brian Bilcher For Time 9 Cleans (80/60)21 Handstand Push-Ups7 Cleans (80/60)15 Handstand Push-Ups5 Cleans (80/60)9 Handstand Push-Ups

28/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up/AMRAP 10: 10 SB/D-Ball Presses @0.25/0.20 BW 15m SB Front Rack Lunges 15m SB Front Rack Carry B. Backsquat: 2-2-2-2 C. 2-3 Sets of: Heavy Prowler Push

27/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 8/8 OA DB Z-Press A2. 8/8 OA Lat Pull-Down B. AMRAP 20: 200m Run 10/10 OA DB Thrusters 22,5/15kg 20 V-Ups 10/10 OA DB Snatch

26/04/2022 ENDURANCE

in team of 3 9999 meter Row first 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: ring body saw 3: dumbbell farmer carry variations second 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: hanging variations3: Kb carry variations third 15 min 1: row 333 meters2: hollow hold to superman rolls 3: plank variations

26/04/2022 BODYWEIGHT

wod 1: For Time (30 min)800 m run/row (1big 1 small) 100 Push-Ups100 meter Bear Crawl (5 rounds in the gym) 400 m Backwards Run (2 rounds) 100 meter Bear Crawl100 Ring Rows 800 m row/run wod 2:AMRAP in 12 minutes10 V-Ups10 Alternating Pistols10 second Isometric Bent Over Row with Band

26/04/2022 CROSSFIT

0. Warmp 10minhips, ankle mobility A. Hypertropy (40 min) 4 Sets of: Front Squat x 5 reps @65%rest 15-20 seconds Front Squat x 5 reps @65%rest 90 seconds „ 8 Sets of: Kneeling Box Step Up x 5/5 reps rest 90 seconds “ B.Conditioning AMRAP 8 min 15 Banded Kettlebell Swings 4 Humanmaker10/7 cal Ergo […]

25/04/2022 CROSSFIT

0.Warmup. 5min short warmup pecs,lat, wrists A. Hypertrophy (40min) 4 Sets of: (10min) Incline / Regular Bench Press x 5 reps @70% rest 15-20 seconds Incline / Regular Bench Press Bench Press x 5 reps @70%rest 90 seconds 8 Sets of: (20min) strict Pull Ups x 6-10 reps @3RIR (rest in reserve) rest 90 seconds […]

22/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Skill & Strengthskill handstand push up 10′ emom: even: 4-8 strict handstand push up odd: 40“ easy row/ski/echo B. conditioning for time:1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-strict press10-20-30-40-…-100-double unders then 2 min rest 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-strict pullup 30-26-24-20-16-12-8-4-cal erg

21/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 1 Set of: Max Distance SB Carry @ BW/0.66 BW B. 1 Set of: Max Reps SB Squats @ BW/0.66 BW C. 3 Sets of: HOH Rope Pull D. EMOM 5: 3-5 Slam Balls

20/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength/Skill: Find your 1RM TGU B. 3 Sets of: B1. 8-12/8-12 OA DB Rows B2. 8-12/8-12 OA DB Bench Press B3. 15 Anchored (Weighted) Sit-Ups C. For time: 100 Burpee Box Jumps

19/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Strength 5 sets of:power clean + front squat + hang squat clean *build a heavy complex within the 5 rounds*60-90“ rest between rounds B. Conditioningevery 4´min for 4 rounds:-400m run/400m row (2rounds) -10 burpee over bar-max rep * *1st round: power clean2nd round: front squat3rd round: hang squat clean4th round: power clean-front squat -hang […]

15/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. prep for wod B. team conditioning 35minin teams of 220-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps for timeclusters 40/30burpee box jump overs 60/50

14/04/2022 CROSSFIT

For time 800m SB-on-shoulder Carry L+R(400/400)30 SB Front Squats30 SB Bent-over Rows800m SB-on-shoulder Carry L+R(400/400)30 SB Push Presses30 SB Bent-over Rows800m SB-on-shoulder Carry L+R(400/400)30 SB Thrusters30 SB Bent-over Rows800m SB-on-shoulder Carry M: 0.33 BW/F: 0.25 BW

13/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: 10 Frontsquats into 5 Backsquats B. For time: 50-40-30-20-10 OA KBS 24/16kg(total, switch arms)Ab Mat Sit-Ups

12/04/2022 GYMNASTICS

gymnasticswarm up 6’10m inch worm10m duck walk10m broad jumps emom 20’ work 40 sechollow to supermanl sit hold with parallets or ringspush ups and shoulder tapshs hold – facing or not facing wallroll to candle stick / stand or sit up wod chipper 20’20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2squat jumpsvupshr push ups (bearbeitet)

12/04/2022 ENDURANCE

50’ amrap1 big round run200m farmers carry (24/16)500m row/ski (1k bike)200m sandbag carry left shoulder200m sandbag carry right shoulder

12/04/2022 CROSSFIT

A. power snatch 10minbuild to a heavy set of 5 reps B. conditioning 15-20min5 rounds for time15 toes to bar50 double unders15-12-9-6-3 power snatches 50/35