Daily WODs


A. Strength 3 sets of: Back Squat x 6-8 reps Medicine Ball Hamsting Curls x Read more

WOD 29/06/2018

A. Strength 5 sets 8/8x Dumbell single leg Romanian DL 15x Glute Bridge Hip Thruster Read more


A. Strength Three sets of: Dumbbell Bench Press x 8-10 reps Bent-Over Dumbbell Reverse Flies Read more

BODYWEIGHT 28/06/2018

A. Warmup 3x 3min AMRAPs a, 30x Air Squats 20x Jump Squats 10x Wallballs b, Read more

WOD 28/06/2018

A. Strength 20 minutes to build up to a 1 Rm Squat Snatch B. Conditioning Read more


A. Prep for WOD B. Conditioning In teams of two (running together, alternating AS and Read more

WOD 27/06/2018

A. Prep for Wod B. Conditioning teams of 2 (running together, alternating other movements) 40 Read more
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