Daily WODs

WOD 24/2/2017

CONDI: 3K Run MOB: Legs/ Shoulders WOD: for time 21-15-9 DBL KB Clean/ Jerks (24/16) Read more

Bodyweight 23/2/2017

WOD1) 15min Work Window 21-15-9 C2Bar Box Jumps rest of time Burpees STRENGTH: HIGH Box Read more

WOD 23/2/2017

COMPLEX work: for 20min 1x Hang Squat Clean 1x Push Press 1x Front Squat 1x Read more

WOD 22/2/2017

SKILL: SPLIT Jerk work on feet/ drop and stands WOD: 3rds of 12x MB Cleans Read more

Bodyweight 21/2/2017

WOD1) 15min AMRAP (ascending) 10x DUs 5x Burpee Box Jumps Over 1x Wallclimb 20x… 10x… Read more

WOD 21/2/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: Squat CLEAN & Push  JERK BEG: 8×1 (same weight/ LIGHT Weight) ADV: 10×1 Read more

WOD 20/2/2017

SKILL: “PUSH” Jerk work on solid Head movement/ fast elbows and good footwork BEG: 8×2 Read more
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