Beginner 22/09/2017

SKILL: pull up core work WOD: 12 min amrap: 5 ground to over head (plate) Read more

WOD 22/09/2017

STRENGTH: straight leg DL 4x 6 build up 5x 8 (same weight ) WOD: 50 Read more

BODYWEIGHT 21/09/2017

SKILL: Koordinationsleiter – short and fast contacts! WOD: Wod 1: 4 rds 250 m row Read more

WOD 21/09/2017

SKILL/STRENGTH: snatch complex build up to a solid complex 1x high pull 1x hang power Read more

Intermediate 20/09/2017

SKILL: A. Four sets of: Romanian Deadlift x 6-8 reps @ 3010 Rest 30 seconds Read more

WOD 20/09/2017

STRENGTH – PULL/PRESS: A. Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets of each): Station Read more

Beginner 19/09/2017

SKILL: Jump Rope Single Under Double Under WOD1: 300 SU 100 DU for every break Read more

WOD 19/09/2017

STRENGTH/SKILL – CORE/OLYMP. Clean Jerk Focus on split jerk Focus on fast elbows Focus on Read more

Bodyweight 19/09/2017

SKILL: Frog jump Frog Stand Head Stand Hand Stand against the wall Hand Stand Hand Read more

Sweatshop 18/09/2017

WOD 1: 10­-20-­30-­40-­50 reps of DU (SU x 3), Sit­ups, Box Jumps. Inbetween 1 x Read more

WOD 18/09/2017

OH Squat from rig: 1) warm up, max. 10 min: 4×6 (increase weight/find working weight!) Read more

WOD 15/09/2017

STRENGTH: 10-1 DL (increase weight every set) WOD: 50 WB 12 DL @BW 12BP over Read more

Bodyweight 14/09/2017

SKILL/Strength: 20 min OTM 40 on / 20 sec off 1: russian twists 2: ring Read more

WOD 14/09/2017

Weightlifting: 4 x 3 Snatch Balance+ 3 OH (build up) 6 x 2 Snatch balance Read more

WOD 13/09/2017

Strength: Cross Kneeling DB kb press 4x 10/10 in between 15x banded pull aparts WOD: Read more

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