WOD 26/5/2017

Squat MOB STRENGTH: weighted “good mornings” 6×5 10x glute ham curls WOD: “300” for time Read more

WOD 24/5/2017

STRENGTH: “Neck” Presses and Behind the Head Pull Ups “go for Form and not Heavy Read more

BODYWEIGHT 23/5/2017

WOD 1) 5rds of 1x sm Rd Run 10x Push Ups 20x Squats 30x DUs Read more

WOD 23/5/2017

STRENGTH: FRONT/ BACK Squat 10min to build to a heavy weight (max BW) then perform Read more

WOD 22/5/2017

Squat MOB: 10min SKILL/ COMPLEX: OH Squat 1x Drop Snatch 1x OH Squat work up Read more

WOD 19/5/2017

STRENGTH: “Clean Grip” Deadlifts with SHRUG @ Top work up to a Heavy/ but efficient Read more

Bodyweight 18/5/2017

WOD1) 5rds for time of 1x SM Rds RUN 30x Wallballs (unbroken or 3x Wallclimbs Read more

WOD 18/5/ 2017

10min SQUAT MOB SKILL/ STRENGTH: RING Muscle Up BEG: work on the SWING and PULL Read more

SOD 17/5/2017

STRENGTH: Split Jerk Beg: work on the dip/ drive under bar and correct landing ADV: Read more

BODYWEIGHT 16/5/2017

WOD1) for time 800m RUN (1xBIG/2x SM) then 2rds of 50x Push Ups 50x Pull Read more

WOD 16/5/2017

Squat MOB: COMPLEX: Snatch 3x “SNatch Grip” Deadlifts 1x HANG Squat Snatch 1x Snatch DROP Read more

WOD 15/5/2017

Squat MOB 10min STRENGTH: Back SQUAT work up to 75% of you 1RM then do Read more

WOD 12/5/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift (Paused/ Tempo) 4×2 (BUILD UP – with a Paused Lift Off at KNEE Read more

BODYWEIGHT 11/5/2017

WOD1) 8rds for time of 1x STAIRs 10x Back Stepping OH Lunges (Medball) 10min SQUAT Read more

WOD 11/5/2017

10min Squat MOB SKILL: Squat SNATCH Adv: 10min Prep/ Build UP then 8×1 (for a Read more

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