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Bodyweight 25/4/2017

CONDI: for 18min 60sec of AMRAP – Double Unders (Singles) 120sec of 2x Stairs Run Read more

WOD 25/4/2017

DBL KB/ DB Complex: 10rds of 5x Squat Cleans 7x Thruster 9x alt. strict Presses Read more

WOD 24/4/2017

CONDI: 2min ON/ 2min Break “all out effort for distance” ROW/ BIKE STRENGTH: Squat (16min) Read more

WOD 21/4/2017

Barbell Conditioning: 3x of 3min AMRAPs (empty Bar) 1) 3x Squat Cleans 3x Presses 3x Read more

Bodyweight 20/4/2017

WOD 1) 3x Tabatas Burpee/ Jump Squats Wallballs/ Push Ups DUs/ Pull Ups STRENGTH: strict Read more

WOD 20/4/2017

DBL KB Complex: 10x Swings 10x Cleans 10x Sh2OH Complex has to be completed 10 Read more

WOD 19/4/2017

CONDI: 10rds of 1xSM RD Sprint 200m Row WOD: 20min AMRAP of 15x Back Squat Read more

Bodyweight 18/4/2017

CONDI: 25min Work Window   IN TEAMs of 2-3 Get as many STAIRs as possible Read more

WOD 18/4/2017

STRENGTH Complex: 1x Cluster 3x Push Press 1x Front Squat 3x Push Press ADV: work Read more

WOD 14/4/2017

CONDI: 2K Row Challenge (SUB 7min) STRENGTH: Back Squat ADV: 4×10 (@BW) BEG: work up Read more

BODYWEIGHT 13/4/2017

CONDI: 1800m RUN 10x Stairs 1500m ROW SKILL: 6rds of 20sec Hanging L Sit 20sec Read more

WOD 13/4/2017

COMPLEX: 1xMuscle Snatch 1xOH Squat 1x Hang Power Snatch 1x OH Squat 1x High Hang Read more

WOD 12/4/2017

CONDI: 20min AMRAP 3x Sm Rds Run all out ROW or Bike for Cals WOD: Read more

Bodyweight 11/4/2017

CONDI/ WOD: Run to Gloriette and back! alternative 5k row if weather is bad: Teams Read more

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