WOD 26/01/2018

A. Strength SUMO Deadlifts – 10-8-6-4-2 (increase in weight) then 5×2 same Heavy Weight B. Read more

BODYWEIGHT 25/01/2018

A. Skill 10 min of muscle up progression then 10 min Otm ODD: 3x ring Read more

WOD 25/01/2018

A. Strength HANG Power Clean/ Jerk 10min Prep then 12min OTM 3x HANG Power Clean/ Read more


A. Strength. Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (4 sets of each): Station 1 – Read more

SWEATSHOP 24/01/2018

Warmup. Teams of 2 or 3 “ROW” for CALs OT2min for 20min A) Rows B) Read more

WOD 24/01/2018

A. Strength Military Press (from Rack) 5×5 (build Up) then 5x 3 (same heavy weight) Read more

WOD 23/01/2018

A. Strength HANG Squat Snatch: prep for 10min then (barbell cycling) 12min OTM 3x Hang Read more

BODYWEIGHT 23/01/2018

A. Strength Otm for 12 min ODD: 4/4single leg box Even: 10x plyo pushup on Read more

SWEATSHOP 22/01/2018

A. Warmup. 14min EMOM 3x Burpees 3x Down Ups 3x Sprawls B. Conditioning Teams of Read more

WOD 22/01/2018

A. Strength OH Squat (Paused and from Rack) 6×3 (same weight) Focus is on Strong/ Read more

WOD 19/01/2018

A. Strength Segmented Clean Deadlift 3 Positions hold for 1 sec (Shin/Below Knee/over Knee ) Read more

BODYWEIGHT 18/01/2018

A. Strength EMOM For 10 Intermediate athletes: EMOM Even: 5/5 reps one leg box stepups Read more

WOD 18/01/2018

A. Strength Hang Squat Snatch 8 sets every 90 sec 2x Hang Squat Snatch B. Read more

SWEATSHOP 17/01/2018

A. Strength Emom for 15 min 3x Burpee 6xPushups 8x Wallballs B. Conditioning 400x singe Read more


A. Strength Push Press: 8×5 (build up) inbet. work on your DUs for 1min B. Read more

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