WOD 28/7/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 work up in weight WOD: 3rds of 5x Cluster (60/40) 5x SDHP Read more

BODYWEIGHT 27/7/2017

CONDI: for time 3000M run (5xbig rds) 1500M row SKILL:12min OTM ODD 40x DUs EVEN Read more

WOD 27/7/2017

SKILL: OH Squat ADV: work up to a Heavy Set of 5 (from Rack) BEG: Read more

WOD 26/7/2017

STRENGTH: 20MIN for JERK work ADV: work on Split or Push find a solid Set Read more

BODYWEIGHT 25/7/2017

WOD1) 5rds of 300m Row 30x Dus (unbroken or 5x burpee penalty) 30x Push Ups Read more

WOD 25/7/2017

SKILL: ADV- 10MIN OTM ODD: 3x Ring Muscle Ups EVEN: 6/6x KB OH Squat (go Read more

WOD 24/7/2017

STRENGTH: find your 2rm Front Squat prog: for build up 2×10 2×8 2×6 2×4 WOD: Read more

WOD 23/7/2017

COMPLEX: 20min for 3x Deadlifts (Snatch Grip) 2x Hang Power Snatch 1x OH Squat work Read more

BODYWEIGHT 20/7/2017

CONDI: 6x STAIRS 1200m RUN 1400m ROW SKILL: work on a GYMNASTIC weakness Headstand, Handstand, Read more

WOD 20/7/2017

25min of work on a SPECIFIC Weakness (with your Coach) WOD: 12min AMRAP of 300m Read more

WOD 19/7/2017

STRENGTH: STRICT Press within 15min find your 1RM then Perform 100x strict Presses (40/25) for Read more

BODYWEIGHT 18/7/2017

WOD1) 3rds of 10m HS Walk 20x alt Pistols 30x unbroken Wallballs (penalty 1 sm Read more

WOD 18/7/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: for time 150x KB Swing (one arm only 24/16) every Break – 1sm Read more

WOD 17/7/2017

STRENGTH: BackSQUAT within 15min work up to your 6RM then perform 4×6 (with the same Read more

WOD 14/7/2017

CORE: 6 rds of 10/10x Banded Trunk Twists 20/20x Side Crunches STRENGTH: Hang Squat Clean Read more

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