Bodyweight 23/3/2017

WOD 1) 14min EMOM (ascending) 1x Push Up – rest of time Air Squat then Read more

WOD 23/3/2017

MOB: Upper/ Lower Back and Glutes (15min) SKILL: SQUAT Snatch Beg: Technique (bar only) ADV: Read more

WOD 22/3/2017

STRENGTH: “PUSH/ PULL” (isolated) seated DBL KB Press (focus is on the Deltoid) and “Bent Read more

BODYWEIGHT 21/3/2017

CONDI: 3rds of 1x BIG RD Run 2x Stairs 60x DUs WOD1:) for time 6-9-12 Read more

WOD 21/3/2017

CONDI:3rds of 1x BIG RD Run 2x Stairs 60x DUs WOD: 12min AMRAP of 7x Read more

WOD 17/3/2017

STRENGTH: Bear Complex work up to a Solid Weight (max is BW) then 15Rds for Read more

Bodyweight 16/3/2017

WOD1)for time 10rds of 10x Burpee Box Jumps 10x HSPU SKILL/ STRENGTH: “KIPPING” Pull UPs Read more

WOD 16/3/2017

STRENGTH: weighted “Good Morning” 14min OTM of ODD: 6x weighted Good Morning (moderate weight) EVEN: Read more

WOD 15/3/2017

CONDI: 15min AMRAP 3x Rds RUN (BIG) 6x Stairs Rest of time DUs (Singles) MOB: Read more

BODYWEIGHT 14/3/2017

WOD 1) 16min AMRAP (ascending) 5x Burpees 1x RD Run (SM) 10x DUs SKILL: work Read more

WOD 14/3/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: weighted CHIN UPs ADV: work up to your 3 RM BEG: stay at Read more

WOD 13/3/2017

MOB: Upper Back/ Shoulders/ Lats STRENGTH: OH Lunges (with Bar) ADV: work up to a Read more

WOD 10/3/2017

Warm Up: 10min AMRAP of 25/25x KB Snatches 100x DUs MOB: lower Back/ Groin BREATHING: Read more

Bodyweight 9/3/2017

WOD 1) 15min of CONDI 2x SM Rds EASY JOG 1x SM Rd SPRINT (keep Read more

WOD 9/3/2017

STRENGTH: PUSH/ PULL 10min Build UP for Weighted Pull Up and Military Press then 14min Read more

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