WOD 17/11/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5×10 (@65%) inbetween 20x Dbl DB Floor Presses (20/10) WOD: OTM for 16min Read more

WOD 16/11/2017

STRENGTH: SQUAT Clean 10min PREP then 10Sets of (1x Squat Clean/ 1x Hang Squat Clean/ Read more

WOD 15/11/2017

STRENGTH: Push Press 5×12 (@50% – work on really extending your arms/shoulders) inbetween Sets 10x Read more

BODYWEIGHT 14/11/2017

WOD) for time 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 DUs 5-10-15-20-25 Chin Read more

WOD 14/11/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: POWER Snatch 10min Prep then OTM for 10min 1x Muscle 1xPower 1x Hang Read more

WOD 13/11/2017

STRENGTH: Back Squat 10min prep then 6×8 @ 55% inbet. 5x Glute Ham Curls (banded) Read more

WOD 10/11/2017

STRENGTH: SUMO Deadlifts 5×10 (@70% of your 1RM conventional) inetween Sets 5x Bent Over Rows Read more

BODYWEIGTH 9/11/2017

CONDI: 1500M ROW 50x Burpee WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESS: 20min WOD: 10min EMOM of 7x Read more

WOD 9/11/2017

WORK ON WEAKNESS: 25min (everyone should take this time serious and really work on a Read more

WOD 8/11/2017

STRENGTH: seated Military Press 10min PREP then 5×10 (@50%) inbetween 10x seated Up Right Rows Read more

BODYWEIGHT 7/11/2017

WOD1) for time 5rds of 20Cal Row 25x Wallballs (unbroken or 5x Burpee penalty) STRENGTH: Read more

WOD 7/11/2017

STRENGTH: 5x seated Sled Pull (increase weight) inbetween 10x banded Cross Pulls (light resistance bands/ Read more

WOD 6/11/2017

STRENGTH: Squat Prep for 10min then 8min EMOM 3x Front/ 3x Back Squats (@50%) then Read more

WOD 3/11/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5×5 (build up to 65%) then 3×8 (at 65%) WOD: for time 12-15-18 Read more

BODYWEIGHT 2/11/2017

WOD1) 12min EMOM 2x Burpees Box Jumps 4x Wallballs 6x Push Ups STRENGTH: 6x 60sec Read more

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