WOD 20/1/2017

STRENGTH: Deadlift 5×5 Build Up to 75% 3×3 same @ 85% 3×1 @ 90% WOD: Read more

BODYWEIGHT 19/1/2017

WOD1) 7min AMRAP of 7x Burpee Box Jumps 7x Pull Ups 14min OTM of ODD: Read more

WOD 19/1/2017

STRENGTH/ COMPLEX: SNATCH ADV: 1x Power Snatch 1x Snatch Drop 1x Hang Squat Snatch 1x Read more

WOD 18/1/2017

STRENGTH: Military Press 5×5 build up to your 80% 3×3 with 85% 3×1 with 90% Read more

Bodyweight 17/1/2017

WOD1) 3x Tabats of 1) AMRAP Squats/ 3x Burpees 2) AMRAP Pull Ups/ 3x Burpees Read more

WOD 17/1/2017

SKILL/STRENGTH: OH Squat ADV: 7×3 of (1x SNATCH Blance/ 1x SNATCH Drop/ 1x OH Squat) Read more


STRENGTH: Squat 3×10 (build up) 5×5 (build up TO 75%) 3×3( 80%/ 82,5%/ 85%) 3×1 Read more

WOD 13/1/2017

STRENGTH: in sets of 4 build up to 85% then 5×[email protected]% WOD 2rds for time Read more

BODYWEIGHT 12/1/2017

WOD: for time 6-9-12-9-6 Squat Jumps Burpees WOD: 5rds of 30x CALs 10x DEF Hspu Read more

WOD 12/1/2017

SKILL/ COMPLEX: 15min for 1x Squat Clean 3x Front Squats 1x Hang Power Clean 1x Read more

WOD 11/1/2017

STRENGTH: seated Military Press 10min Build Up then 6×5 same HEAVY Weight inbet. Sets (10x Read more

Bodyweight 10/1/2017

WOD: 20min OTM 20x unbroken Wallballs AMRAP strict Pull Ups 15x CALs AMRAP strict HSPU Read more

WOD 10/1/2017

SKILL/ STRENGTH: 12min OTM ODD: 5/5 KB OH Squat (watch your form, before HEAVY weight) Read more

WOD 9/1/2017

STRENGTH: Squat 10min Build Up to 85% of 1RM then 6×3 @ 85% WOD: 3rds Read more

Bodyweight 5/1/2017

WOD1) 3x Tabata 1- 5x Burpees/ (AMRAP)Squats 2- 8x Wallballs/ (AMRAP) Push Ups 3- PULL Read more

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