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CONDI: for 18min

60sec of AMRAP – Double Unders (Singles)

120sec of 2x Stairs Run


ODD: 8x strict Ring Dips

EVEN: 6x strict Pull UPs

WOD: 12min AMRAP (ascending)

20x Squats

5x Burpee Box Jumps Over

40x Squats

5x Wallclimbs

60x Squats

5x Burpee Box Jumps Over

80x Squats …..etc

CONDI: 2min ON/ 2min Break “all out effort for distance” ROW/ BIKE

STRENGTH: Squat (16min)

work up in Set of 10 too your BW

the continue with

4 x 5reps up to 1 1/2 of BW

WOD: 8min AMRAP of

4x Hang Power Cleans (65/45)

7x Burpee over Bar



Barbell Conditioning:

3x of 3min AMRAPs (empty Bar)


3x Squat Cleans

3x Presses

3x Front Squats


3x Thruster

3x Front Squats

3x Hang Power Cleans


3x Snatch

3x OH Squats

3x Sots Presses

WOD:for time

12x Pull Ups

9x G2OH (50/30)

6x Burpee Over Bar


WOD 1) 3x Tabatas

  1. Burpee/ Jump Squats
  2. Wallballs/ Push Ups
  3. DUs/ Pull Ups

STRENGTH: strict “Muscle Up”

Beg: work on Fals Grip and Transitions

ADV: On the 2min 2 – 4x strict Muscle Up

WOD2) 4rds of

10x High Box Jumps

10x HSPU

10x strict Pull Ups

10x alt Pistols

CONDI: 25min Work Window


IN TEAMs of 2-3 Get as many STAIRs as possible

200m ROW

40x DUs

1x Stairs

STRENGTH: Push (10min)

ADV: work on Def. HSPU ( strict/ Kip)

BEG: work on HSPU … etc.

WOD: for time


Jump Squats


Pull Ups