Daily WODs

WOD 21/10/2016

STRENGTH: SDHP – 5min of Build UP then 10min OTM of 6x SDHP (solid weight/ Read more

BODYWEIGHT 20/10/2016

WOD1) for time 1x BIG RD Run 30x Wallballs 30x Box Jumps 30x Pull Ups Read more

WOD 20/10/2016

SKILL/ STRENGTH: Muscle Up Complex BEG: 8×3 (C2BAR/ Dips) ADV: 8×1 (1xMuscle Up to 2x Read more

WOD 19/10/2016

STRENGTH: “PUSH” Jerk 6×3 (Build Up) then 5×1 (same HEAVY weight/ aim for GOOD/ SOLID Read more

BODYWEIGHT 18/10/2016

WOD 1) for time 21-15-9 C2Bar Box Jump HR Push Up SKILL: “FALSE GRIP” Pull Read more

WOD 18/10/2016

SKILL: “False Grip” Pull Ups (strict) – 5×6 (weighted) WOD: for time 6rds of 6x Read more

WOD 17/10/2016

SKILL/ STRENGTH: KB OH Squat – 5min of Specific MOB/ Stretch then 10×5/5 first 5 Read more
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