Daily WODs

WOD 7/12/2016

STRENGTH: Military Press in reps of 5 – work up to your 5 rep max Read more

Bodyweight 6/12/2016

WOD1) for time 12-9-6 Burpee HIGH Box Jumps Over Pistols SKILL: Muscle Up BEG: progression Read more

WOD 6/12/2016

SKILL/ STRENGTH: Ring Muscle Up BEG: 15min Progression Work ADV: 10min OTM 1x strict/ 1x Read more

WOD 5/12/2016

STRENGTH: Back Squat work up to 75% of your 1RM then perform 5×5 with 75% Read more

WOD 2/12/2016

Prep for WOD WOD: “DT” 5rds for time 12x Deadlifts (70) 9x Hang Cleans 6x Read more

Bodyweight 1/12/2016

WOD1) 21-15-9 for time Push Ups Ring Dips Pull Ups STRENGTH: 12min OTM 12x Squats Read more

WOD 1/12/2016

STRENGTH/ SKILL: OH Squat (work from Ground) 10min OH Drills then 10min OTM of OH Read more
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