Daily WODs

WOD 26/8/2016

STRENGTH: Banded Glute/Ham Curls 5×10 WOD: 10min AMRAP of 5x DBL DB Deadlifts 10x Hang Read more

Bodyweight 25/8/2016

1) 2K Row Challenge (try and stay under 7min) WOD: 20min AMRAP of 600m RUN Read more

WOD 25/8/2016

SKILL: 2K Row Challenge (try and stay under 7min ) WOD: 3rds for time of Read more

WOD 24/8/2016

STRENGTH: Floor Press – find your 1RM 3×10 (easy build up/ watch FORM) 5×6 (heavy Read more

WOD 19/8/2016

STRENGTH: single striaght leg deadlifts (KB or DBs) 2×6/6(warm up) 5×6/6 (increase) WOD: for time Read more

Bodyweight 18/8/2016

WOD: 18min AMRAP of 5x strict Pull Ups 40x DUs 10x strict HSPU 40x DUs Read more

WOD 18/8/2016

STRENGTH/ SKILL: 20min of work on a weakness WOD: for time 6-12-18-24-30 DBL KB/DB Thruster Read more
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